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Brad Hill

Brad Hill

Attorney at Law

North Carolina
Licensed in
University of North Carolina School of Law
Brad is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Law and has a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. With a business-based background and education, he has served in a variety of roles that extend beyond the traditional scope of legal representation.

Currently, Brad prefers to work with start-ups and small businesses within industries or with business models that are novel or against the grain. He is comfortable working and advising clients with uncertain legal challenges and can help clients develop their businesses from the perspective of an entrepreneur.

Brad has and continues to work with companies with operations across
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Work History

Hill Law PLLC


Sep 2017 - Present

Hill Law, PLLC is a modern, full-service law firm serving the needs of start-up businesses and addressing novel legal challenges for individuals and companies. As the principal, I advise and assist clients in all aspects of their business operations and transactions. Generally, I serve clients in burgeoning industries that face novel and unknown legal challenges.

Sep 2017 - Present

The Prana Consulting Group, LLC

Founder, CFO, General Counsel

Aug 2016 - Present

The Prana Consulting Group is an international consulting company serving the nutraceutical marketplace. My role includes serving as counsel in the management of domestic and international legal affairs including corporate structuring, tax, regulatory compliance, and internal governance. I'm also directly involved in strategic decision-making and business development.

Aug 2016 - Present

Venn Therapeutics, LLC

Chief Administrative Officer

Mar 2016 - Present

Venn Therapeutics, LLC is a biotechnology company focused on development of cancer therapies in the field of immuno-oncology. As CAO, I manage and collaborate on all non-scientific operations including human
resources, corporate governance, finance, and accounting. I also provide legal consultation to the Board of Directors and management and serve as in-house counsel.

Mar 2016 - Present

Hairston Lane PA

Senior Associate

Aug 2018 - Aug 2016

Hairston Lane, PA is a boutique law firm focusing on litigation. The firm’s lawyers specialize in employment law and business disputes. In addition to employment and business litigation, my practice featured representation of small businesses and start-ups in various business matters.

Aug 2018 - Aug 2016

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