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Catalina Booth

Catalina Booth

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Boston University School of Law
I have over 20 years of experience in various legal fields. I served as in-house counsel for Union Pacific for over 9 years. I specialized in litigation and compliance. I also served as n in-house expert in FCPA compliance and legal writing Prior to that I was an Assistant District Attorney for the Harris County District Attorney's Office.
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Work History

Center for Community Learning,Inc.

Executive Director

Aug 2013 - Present

• Direct administrative and leadership functions, including facilitating Board of Directors Meetings, drafting and implementation of governance documents, and strategic planning.
• Provided technical assistance regarding drafting and implementation of cultural and linguistic competence plans in compliance with with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.

Aug 2013 - Present

Union Pacific

Senior General Attorney

Apr 2004 - Jul 2013

• Managed a variety of complex litigation matters, investigations, appellate matters, and legislative matters.
• Designed and implemented a company wide FCPA compliance program.
• Handled over 50 personal injury cases in State and Federal courts from initial filing through discovery and settlement.
• Reviewed contracts, indemnity agreements and operating agreements.

Apr 2004 - Jul 2013

Harris County District Attorney's office

Assistant District Attorney

Aug 1997 - Mar 2004

• Conducted criminal investigations, including witness interviews and scene investigations.
• Prosecuted misdemeanor and felony cases from grand jury to trial, including drafting of complaints and indictments, conducting pre trial hearings, and presenting the case to a jury.
• Completed over 50 felony and misdemeanor trials.
• Supervised junior prosecutors.

Aug 1997 - Mar 2004

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