Gurney Pearsall

Gurney Pearsall

Attorney at Law

San Antonio
Licensed in
University of Colorado School of Law
I bring strong legal research, legal writing, and legal analysis skills to the table. I was a senior law review editor on the top-rated law review in the Rocky Mountain Region. My legal essays have been published in legal journals and magazines, as well as law reviews, and have won numerous awards from national writing competitions, including The Burger Prize, which was awarded to me, the first law student to ever win its prize, in a ceremony at the US Supreme Court, hosted by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
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Pearsall Law Firm

Attorney At Law

Apr 2016 - Present

I am an attorney at a small firm, where I am the lead attorney who takes my case from beginning to end. I handle every kind of case, but would like to specialize in injury law.

Apr 2016 - Present

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