Evan Goldberg

Evan Goldberg

Attorney at Law

New York
New York
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Nova Southeastern University - Shepard Broad Law Center
As a director at a fast growing startup called CoInspect, I helped the company raise more than $3mm in investor capital, grow and retain human capital, and served as a trusted advisor to restaurant chains, hospitality groups, food manufacturers, processors, and government agencies, including, but not limited to, TGI Fridays, Barberitos Franchising, the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group, the National Center for Healthy Housing, and the New York State Department of Health. CoInspect has been featured in TechCrunch and the San Francisco Chronicle, in addition to other publications.
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Solutions Director & Advisor

Apr 2018 - Present

CoInspect makes food safe. The mobile application crystallizes inspection expertise so food company employees can measure standards more effectively. The CoInspect app powers operations for thousands of restaurants and manufacturing managers nationwide by transforming cumbersome, dumb forms and spreadsheets, into smart, intuitive apps.

Apr 2018 - Present

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