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Wayne Steinberg

Wayne Steinberg

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Queen's University Law School
A seasoned commercial and franchise lawyer specializing in all aspects of a franchise law practice, including drafting of franchise, license, joint venture and supply chain agreements and a variety of related corporate and commercial documents pertaining to business formations, reorganizations and restructurings.

Proven ability to provide legal advice as in-house legal counsel to a franchise business, including the timely preparation, distribution and delivery of a wide variety of franchise and related commercial documents, and handling of regulatory compliance issues worldwide.

Provides stable, consistent and applicable legal advice
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Practice Areas

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Work History

WSI Internet Consulting

General Counsel

May 2002 - Present

•Managed all legal matters for the company, including reports (both direct and indirect) for legal administrative functions.
•Drafted array of contracts and all franchising documents both domestic and international; including an international Master Franchise Programme.
•Handled all regulatory compliance issues internationally
•Supervised all international trademark filings and registrations.

May 2002 - Present

International Institute of Travel & Astor Travel

General Counsel

Jan 1998 - Apr 2002

•Developed franchise agreement templates used in Canada and worked with US counsel to develop US templates.
•Handled registration and renewal of government licences for career training centres and travel agencies in the US and CAN.
•Supervised all company litigation and dispute resolution;
•Handled incorporations, corporate record-keeping, and TM filings.
•Developed training manuals company wide.

Jan 1998 - Apr 2002

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