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William Mayer

William Mayer

Attorney at Law

San Diego
Licensed in
California Western School of Law
♣ Proven general counseling experience in business environment
♣ Overall broad legal knowledge (corporate, litigation, IP, labor/HR, etc)
♣ In-depth understanding of how legal issues affect organizations
♣ Ability to develop legal strategy and objectives
♣ Well-versed in how business operate with financial acumen

♣ High degree of professional ethics, integrity and gravitas
♣ Excellent judgement and analytical skills
♣ First class interpersonal and communication skills
♣ Ability to anticipate legal issues or risks and to “see around the corner”
♣ Experienced with external parties (regulators, external counsel, politicians, customers)
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Practice Areas

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Work History

McKinney Capital & Advisory

Chief Legal Officer US/EMEA

Jan 2017 - Present

Commercial real estate, franchising, hospitality

Jan 2017 - Present

San Diego Museum of Man

Trustee; General Counsel

Jun 2009 - Present

Trustee, Fmr Chair, General Counsel, for one of the premier museums of cultural anthropology.

Jun 2009 - Present

D.R. Horton

Vice President, General Counsel - West Region

Apr 2002 - Sep 2016

Regional VP and General Counsel for largest US homebuilder

Apr 2002 - Sep 2016

Duke Gerstel Shearer


Jan 1998 - Mar 2002

Business lawyer

Jan 1998 - Mar 2002

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