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Stephen Teague

Stephen Teague

Attorney at Law

Newport News
Licensed in
University of Chicago Law School
I am a budding solo attorney with a public interest background. I spent the majority of my legal career advocating on behalf of individuals and small businesses that were economically damaged by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster of 2010. I managed a large caseload and served as Campaign Director for the project.

I am now interested in pursuing a more entrepreneurial path by providing legal services to both businesses and individuals for profit, as well as developing my own business ideas. Although I have not practiced business law extensively, I have hands-on experience negotiating contracts, managing large budgets, and administering a
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Work History

Mississippi Center for Justice

Director of BP Oil Disaster Recovery Campaign

Jul 2012 - Oct 2015

Led practice group—supervised staff of four, instituted and carried out campaign governance policies, designed team strategies; Administered multi-state consortium of pro bono legal service providers (Gulf Justice Consortium)— managed grant awards totaling $3.3 million, drafted proposals for funding, served as chief negotiator with and liaison to Deepwater Horizon Settlement Program.

Jul 2012 - Oct 2015

Mississippi Center for Justice

Staff Attorney

Mar 2011 - Oct 2015

Counseled and represented claimants through the various claims processes created to compensate individuals and businesses for damages stemming from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill of 2010—maintained active caseload of 200 individual clients (medical and economic) and business clients at all times, provided legal services to monolingual Spanish-speaking claimants.

Mar 2011 - Oct 2015

Word for Word, Inc.

Freelance Translator

Jul 2006 - Aug 2007

Translated personal documents, business documents, company histories, and appliance manuals from both English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.

Jul 2006 - Aug 2007

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