Scott Somerville

Scott Somerville

Attorney at Law

Sugar Grove
West Virginia
Licensed in
Harvard Law School
"A brief should march, and a good brief should sing while it marches." Scott tells his client's story and turns a list of precedents into a path that leads to justice. Scott excels in making complicated concepts clear.

Scott's greatest brief-writing challenge was to repeatedly ask the Supreme Court, "What would James Madison do?" As Executive Director of the Center for the Original Intent of the Constitution, Scott wrote amicus briefs in cases ranging from state prisons, federal arson statutes, to violence against women. Scott consistently and successfully made constitutional history relevant to the issues of the day.
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Work History

Bowers & Bowers, PLLC


Jul 2014 - Present

Solving big problems in a small town one client at a time.

Jul 2014 - Present

Lampstand Press, Ltd.

General Counsel

Oct 2006 - Jul 2014

Award-winning educational publisher.

Oct 2006 - Jul 2014

Home School Legal Defense Association

Staff Attorney

Jun 1992 - Oct 2006

Conservative civil liberties organization focusing on constitutional law, educational freedom, and parental rights.

Jun 1992 - Oct 2006

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