Matthew Cohen

Matthew Cohen

Seasoned Business Lawyer

New York
New York
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Brooklyn Law School
Seasoned in-house corporate generalist attorney with industry knowledge in luxury brands and retail, digital/broadcast media and content, and strategic retail services/consumer products, and cross-functional expertise in employment matters, commercial/retail leasing, corporate governance, licensing of content and other IP, digital rights, talent and creative services agreement, immigration, advertising, consumer goods, trademark, internet security and data privacy, commercial agreements including software licenses, vendor and other IT agreements, sports and entertainment law, litigation, and bankruptcy.
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Work History

Swatch Group US/Harry Winston

Corporate Counsel/General Counsel North America

Feb 2015 - Present

Primary legal advisor for Harry Winston's North American operations, and broad legal support to Swatch Group’s US distribution network for watch brands including Omega and Longines. Hands-on counsel and support to all departments advising on employment/immigration matters, IP and brand enforcement, retail leasing, licensing, litigation, privacy and compliance issues, and marketing/social media.

Feb 2015 - Present

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