Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Chicago - Kent College of Law
As a solo attorney with a practice specializing in helping entrepreneurs, early-stage, and growing businesses, I pride myself on being agile, accessible, and innovative with my solutions. I have experience in assisting companies unique contract and documentation needs. I have worked with new companies from formation to fundraising.

I enjoy taking the time to educate my clients about the legal issues involved in their business. Because I know that in today's world, my clients often need to make split-second decisions without the ability to engage counsel and I take it upon myself to help them make business decisions confidently.
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Work History

Sentient Law, Ltd.

Vice President

May 2015 - Sep 2015

Operating in a small firm environment in a practice centered on early-stage companies, engaged with clients at all stages of representation including initial consultation and project planning, engagement and invoicing, drafting documents and provision of services, negotiation with opposing counsel or adverse parties, and presenting deliverables to clients.

May 2015 - Sep 2015

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