Chris Flower

Chris Flower

Attorney at Law

New Jersey
Licensed in
Whittier Law School
Chris has an extensive background in multiple disciplines of law. As General Counsel for a multi-billion dollar corporation for over a decade, Chris negotiated, drafted, and reviewed scores of complex commercial agreements. Such agreements included vendor, sales, software, and licensing agreement.

Chris is proficient in an array of intellectual property matters, such as trademark prosecution and the management of complex patent litigation matters. He also has experience with regulatory matters relating US government agencies such as FCC, FTC, NHTSA, and the CPSC.
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Work History

Tech Armor

Corporate Counsel

Mar 2013 - Present

I serve and Corporate Counsel for Tech Armor on a contract basis. My duties include commercial contract review, drafting and negotiation. I also handle all trademark prosecution, including internationally, and manage all litigation matters.

Mar 2013 - Present

Belkin International

Worldwide General Counsel

Jan 2002 - Dec 2012

Jan 2002 - Dec 2012

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