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Sean Gosselin

Sean Gosselin

Attorney at Law

San Diego
Licensed in
University of
South Dakota
School of Law
Versatile California and Massachusetts licensed Attorney who has helped companies flourish through hard work, a positive outlook, and a team first attitude. Ambitious difference maker with a positive outlook and ability to persevere through challenging circumstances. Positive thinker and team player with the ability to collaborate with co-workers and build internal and external relationships with attorneys, engineers, and business professionals.
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Work History

Ibis Law


Jul 2015 - Present

Legal counsel and consulting for small businesses, startups, and real estate companies. Draft and review contracts, and company agreements. Provide strategic planning advice.

Jul 2015 - Present



Sep 2012 - Nov 2015

Conducted due diligence research on company IP acquisitions. Aided strategic business, litigation and licensing departments.
Ensured the accuracy and compliance of a $2.4 billion deal by reviewing contracts, examining chain of title, reviewing invention assignments and coordinating with outside counsel.
Investigated title assignment chains by synchronizing assessments of strategic busines

Sep 2012 - Nov 2015

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