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Karén Tonoyan

Karén Tonoyan

Registered Patent Attorney and IP Counsel

Glen Rock
New Jersey
Licensed in
NJ, Patent Bar
Rutgers University School of Law - Newark
Karén is an intellectual property attorney with a passion for technology and innovation. He has worked in the IT field as well as the United States Patent and Trademark Office specializing in electronic and mechanical devices. In areas ranging from clothing designs and toys to musical instruments and computer software, Karén has helped clients protect their intellectual property and overcome their business hurdles.

Whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur, artist or business owner Karén can always find a way to connect with and relate to you in order to defend your interests and achieve your objectives with zeal and dedication.

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Work History

The Law Offices of Bradley S. Rothschild, LLC

Patent Attorney - Of Counsel

Apr 2015 - Present

Perform client and inventor interviews with national as well as foreign entities. Provide counsel concerning potential patentability, infringement and liability. Perform full patent searches and draft patentability opinion letters and freedom to operate opinions. Prepare and prosecute provisional, non-provisional and PCT applications.

Apr 2015 - Present

Bienstock & Michael, PC

Intellectual Property Law Clerk

May 2013 - Mar 2015

Manage clients' patent portfolios, assist with national and international patent prosecution and litigation, conduct prior art searches, draft patentability letters, draft freedom to operate letters, draft cease and desist letters, monitor IP infringement, draft ITC complaint, draft responses to USPTO office actions,

May 2013 - Mar 2015

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Extern Patent Examiner

Jun 2012 - Aug 2014

Analyzed patent applications for compliance with statutory requirements. Conducted searches of US and international prior art and publications to invalidate or limit the scope of patent claims. Drafted office actions in response to applicants at various stages of the patent examination process

Jun 2012 - Aug 2014

Rutgers University Intellectual Property Law Clinic

Clinical Law Student Attorney

Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

Assisted clients with general and preliminary issues arising in Copyright, Trademark, and Patent law. Interviewed and consulted clients in person regarding various IP and business law issues involved in branding, advertising, and marketing their products/services. Investigated potential issues of trademark and patent law for clients through case and statutory law research. Conducted full trademark

Aug 2013 - Jan 2014

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