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Lara Lavi is a new media/entertainment law attorney, an entrepreneur, an entertainment company executive, a business development specialist, a film and TV producer & writer, and a professional award winning singer-songwriter. (She is also the proud mother of her teen-age son Cameron that is perhaps her most cherished identity). Ms. Lavi has over 35 years experience in the music and entertainment business on both sides of the desk and microphone. Much of Ms. Lavi’s law practice focuses on the convergence of law, new media, marketing and entertainment law specifically in music, film, television, gaming and literary sectors of the… read more entertainment business.

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Work History

Foundry Law Group

Senior Of Counsel

Dec 2014 - Present

As Senior of Counsel at Foundry Law Group, I work closely with the law firm's in house legal team on projects requiring senior expertise in the areas of corporate, entertainment, finance and business development. As potential clients express interest in working with me on legal and business matters I will be bringing them to work with me within the structure of Foundry Law Group on a go forward basis.

About Foundry Law Group: Foundry’s clients are innovators who think outside the “mold” when it comes to both their products, services and their approach to doing business. Foundry serves growth-stage businesses, startups, nonprofits, social and entrepreneurial ventures (50 employees, give or take) across a variety of industries, including technology, innovative product development, and new media.

Dec 2014 - Present

Dreaming In Color Entertainment

Managing Partner

Jun 2014 - Present

Dreaming In Color is dedicated to producing incredible multi media projects including: (a) the Grammy winning SongCatchers - a merger of Native American singing and drumming with rock, soul, jazz and spoken word founded by Lara Lavi, Charles Neville, Arlie Neskahi, Mark Cardenas Mark Smith, &Maurice Jones. The current project The Red Road To Bangalore, A Musical Prayer For Peace is part of the Brave Road/Brave Games project in development now. (b) Little Dreamers, Lullabies and Love Songs - a birth to 8 children's project in development featuring the artwork of Karen Gilmore and the music of Lara Lavi.

This company celebrates my left and right brain side on top of my law practice and business development consulting and company efforts.

Jun 2014 - Present a MusicSkins LLC brand

Originally the Managing Partner then EVP of Business Development and Business Affairs

Feb 2012 - Feb 2015

My responsibilities included managing the entire staff, all operations, functioning as in house counsel, handling all licensing, and other contractual matters, investor relations and supervising marketing and online business development efforts.

Feb 2012 - Feb 2015

Zing Revolution, a MusicSkins LLC Brand

Shareholder/LLC Member

Jan 2011 - Feb 2015

I was the managing partner of the company in partnership with Josef Bogdanovich. Up until March 2014 I ran all aspects of the company. Currently my position is more advisory in business development. Zing licenses pop culture and art images for its product categories which include vinyl adhesive skins for eDevices, a Home Decor line and installations for tradeshows, events and conventions.

I also practice entertainment and corporate law. Prior I spent almost 5 years in Toronto, Ontario as the CEO/President of WideAwake Entertainment Group and Death Row Records. I am no longer involved with the Canadian companies.

Jan 2011 - Feb 2015

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