Taetrece Harrison, Esq.

Taetrece Harrison, Esq.

The Go To Lawyer

New Orleans
Licensed in
Southern University Law Center
Ms. Taetrece Harrison, Esq. is a New Orleans sole practitioner at the innovative firm of Harrison Law Group, L.L.C.
Ms. Harrison has practiced in many areas of law. She performs her duties as an effective attorney which is why Ms. Harrison is known as the Go To Lawyer by her clients.
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Work History

Harrison Law Group, LLC


Aug 2008 - Present

• Consultations to clients on the matters of family law, debt litigation and various other legal matters.

• Ability to understand legal issues and content for family law cases.

• Experience working with creditors for example: mortgage companies, banks, credit card companies and auto finance companies.

• Represented clients in family law, financial matters related to secured residential loans, creditor rights, foreclosure issues, mortgage issues, and auto issues.

• Conducted legal research on a vast variety of legal and procedural issues.

• Experience handling both litigation-related and transactional bankruptcy

Aug 2008 - Present

Ajilon Legal

Contract Attorney

Sep 2006 - Jun 2008

I performed document review for a pending lititgation case.

Sep 2006 - Jun 2008

Small Business Administration

Attorney Advisor

Aug 2006 - Jan 2007

I provided legal assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina and Rita.

Aug 2006 - Jan 2007

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