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Ernie Ciccotelli

Ernie Ciccotelli

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Vermont Law School
Originally a general practice law firm, our developing niche has become providing integrated legal and business services to clients engaged in research, development, and marketing of products incorporating or comprised of intellectual property. Business clients include enterprises engaged in technological, mechanical, electrical, and industrial arenas. We also provide similar services to individuals and organizations engaged in culture and creative arts, and the communications media that require the protection of their intellectual properties.

skills including negotiation and litigation; enterprise startup assistance, patent and
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Work History

The Law Offices of Ernest J. Ciccotelli --- Nova Moto, LLC --- WAT, Inc.

Principal - Attorney at Law Offices --- CEO/Co-Founder Nova Moto, LLC ---VP/Board of Directors WAT I

Jul 2006 - Present

Law Office: Intellectual Property, Business, Foreclosure Defense and Relief, Real Estate Law and Civil Litigation.
Nova Moto, LLC: Energy and Energy Management System Research and Development, for vehicular and stationary applications.
WAT Inc.: Vice President/Member - Board of Directors. Research and Development, Consultation, and Production of precision instrumentation and energy management equipment.

Jul 2006 - Present

Ciccotelli & Morgan, PLLC

Partner - Attorney

May 2005 - Jul 2006

General Practice, with emphasis on Litigation, Business, Intellectual Property, Family, and Real Estate Law

May 2005 - Jul 2006

The Law Offices of Wm. Howard Dunn, PC


Mar 2003 - May 2005

General Practice, with a focus on Business, Intellectual Property, Construction and Real Estate Law.

Mar 2003 - May 2005

Materials Innovation, Inc.

Intellectual Property Manager

Jul 1999 - Jun 2001

Managed intellectual property portfolio: reviewed inventors’ disclosures and other documentation. Prepared patent applications, continuing applications, and drawings based on inventor’s disclosures and interviews. Prepared responses to USPTO and foreign Office Actions. Prepared appeal briefs to the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences (BPAI). Performed prior art searches. Prepared and negotiated contracts. Investigated and analyzed outside technologies for infringement of company patents. Recommended business strategy & product development based on IP implementation. Managed corporate identification, trademark, trade dress, and copyrighted materials. Liaised with external U.S. and foreign patent and other counsel. Special project: initiated product development for electro-mechanical and automotive programs. Conceived and developed patentable products and processes incorporating company’s proprietary technologies.

Jul 1999 - Jun 2001

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