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Loren Heger

Loren Heger

Attorney at Law

Licensed in
Washington University School of Law
I am corporate attorney with a focus on emerging companies and securities. I am additionally registered as a investment banker and a national expert on new methods of distribution of capital raises. Additionally, I have a strong background in private equity and mergers and acquisitions.

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Work History


Vice President

May 2012 - Present

FNEX is “The Alternative Investment Marketplace” connecting accredited and institutional investors to investment opportunities in private companies, private investment funds (hedge funds), and managed futures accounts. FNEX’s mission is to help investors source investment opportunities, and help offering groups connect with investors. FNEX was founded in 2012 by professional investors, entrepreneurs and attorneys. For more information please go to www.FNEX.com.

May 2012 - Present

The Applied Group

Vice President- General Counsel

Jun 2011 - Present

Private equity and venture capital, focused on technology

Jun 2011 - Present

Park Avenue Consulting


Nov 2009 - Jul 2012

Policy and political analysis and strategy

Nov 2009 - Jul 2012

Lawrence Township

Chief of Staff

Jan 2007 - Dec 2009

Jan 2007 - Dec 2009

Indiana Attorney General


Apr 2006 - Dec 2006

Apr 2006 - Dec 2006

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