Cliff Kuehn

Cliff Kuehn

IP Lawyer

San Francisco
Licensed in
CA, European Trademark Attorney
University of San Francisco School of Law
I'll help you protect your brand in the U.S. and Europe by registering it as a trademark, and also help you learn how to leverage it as a revenue-producing asset. I also help stop unauthorized use of your brand on the internet and in the real world.

I've been doing U.S. trademark work for more than 5 years, and what distinguishes my experience is my expertise with EU trademarks ("CTMs"), developed at a litigation internship with the EU trademark agency "OHIM", as well as years of subsequent consulting with the agency.

The combination of two jurisdictions worth of expertise and a customer service focused practice are what you can expect
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Work History

Kuehn Law


Dec 2010 - Present

I assist clients who want to register and protect their brands as trademark, and then work on how to get those brand protections to develop revenue and stop free-riders.

Dec 2010 - Present

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