Alicia J. Journey

Alicia J. Journey

Attorney at Law

Santa Barbara
Licensed in
Pepperdine University School of Law
Alicia J. Journey, Attorney at Law, Santa Barbara, CA

Alicia J. Journey is the founder and Principal of Journey Law. She has proven experience in a vast range of law and a winning record as a trial attorney, in which her main focus has been treating her client as a person, not just a case.

Ms. Journey’s passion to become an advocate for the individual person and for the People began as early as childhood, when she stood before the local City Council meeting at age six, to voice her opinion on a community matter that was important to her and her family. Since then, she has been driven to become a powerful and effective voice in the
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Journey Law recognizes that, whether the case be Family law, Immigration, Criminal, a Conservatorship or an Estate Planning/Will matter, the client is entering into a very intimidating and potentially frightening experience. It is the firm’s job to take care of it for the client and to ensure them that everything is going to be okay.

“In order for a client to need an attorney, they must be going through something in their life that seems to be unbearable without the help of an attorney. With that frame of mind, I look at each client as if they were my family or friend walking in the door, looking for help. How would I want them to be treated by an attorney? I feel honored to be an advocate for my clients and take pride in doing quality work for each of them, working together as a team or in other words, as a professional family.”

-- Alicia J. Journey
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