David Beser

David Beser

Experienced Business and Real Estate Attorney

Licensed in
University of Illinois College of Law
The vast majority of my practice involves complex business, real estate and commercial transactions, including the drafting, negotiating, and execution of real property purchase and lease agreements, complex commercial contracts, drafting of corporate governance documents and filings, review/revision of various business and real estate contracts (including addendums to existing agreements, and renegotiations of office, retail and industrial leases), and landlord/tenant issues.

I have also represented a number of tech and web-based start-up companies, and advised them on issues regarding venture capital infusion and marketing (including
… read more warrant coverage/vesting, stock options/equity compensation, “Launchpad” management, Alpha/Beta testing, and calculation of company valuation), joint ventures and strategic mergers, partnership and investor agreements, and executive/board member appointments.

My practice also includes significant experince with national and international franchises, where I have reviewed, revised, negotiated and drafted numerous FDD and related franchise agreements, negotiated commercial leases and land purchase agreements, and drafted countless contracts regarding various business, real estate, and commercial issues. In addition, I have consistently managed corporate governance issues for my clients, and have also drafted articles of incorporation and bylaws, and negotiated board member voting, election and meeting terms for founding partners/investors.

In addition to my transactional practice, I have also have significant experience as a litigation attorney, with my practice focusing primarily on business, real estate, and construction matters. I have gained experience in both state and federal court, with a number of my cases also requiring designation to complex court, where I managed complaints involving 30+ plaintiffs. My clients have included Fortune 100 companies, LA and OC small businesses, technology start-ups, and commercial/residential builders and developers.

Many of my cases demanded significant law and motion work, in addition to written and electronic discovery, depositions (lay and expert), mediations, settlement conferences, pre-trial preparations, and the drafting of trial and mediation briefs. I also performed a number of detailed research projects, and drafted lengthy memoranda thereon, and had consistent contact with my clients, always handling the day-to-day management of my cases.

In addition, I have won over 10 different civil litigation trials, defending claims alleging breach of contract, unjust enrichment, antitrust, fraud, and various other causes of action. I am an excellent trial attorney, with experience managing a case from jury selection and pre-trial brief writing, all the way through appeals and post-verdict evidentiary reviews.

As a result of my years of trainings and experience, I have developed excellent legal writing and negotiation skills, significant knowledge in both transactional and litigation matters, a great knack for representing my client’s interests and goals in negotiation, and the ability to draft creative and distinctive contractual agreements. Therefore, I believe that my unique experience as both a transactional and litigation attorney, coupled with my ambitious and dedicated approach, and inherent negotiation and legal writing abilities, have yielded a versatile, skilled and highly effective legal professional, and a certain asset to any individual or business seeking an excellent attorney for a fair price.
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Representative Clients

Work History

Commercial Real Estate Exchange (Crexi.com)

Investor/Legal Advisor

Mar 2015 - Present

Joined growing tech company as 5th equity member. I worked as Chief Legal Officer, and now legal advisor/investor, and assist with corporate strategy and various business transactions. My work included a variety of real estate deals, IP registrations/contracts, complex business transactions, marketing and employment agreements, data, client and IP licensing and formal online protections.

Mar 2015 - Present


Senior Corporate Counsel

Feb 2012 - Mar 2015

Worked as senior corporate counsel and strategic advisor for thriving tech startup, where I focused on business, IP, real estate, software/licensing, marketing and financing transactions. My work included complex business transactions and partnerships, real property sales and leases, data and software licensing, digital and print marketing agreements, employment contracts, and IP/data protections.

Feb 2012 - Mar 2015

Newmeyer & Dillion,

Associate Attorney

Sep 2007 - Feb 2012

My practice focused on business, financial services, technology and real estate transactions and litigation, including general commercial contracts, licensing and partnership agreements, real property purchase, development and lease contracts, commercial and real estate financing agreements, land use/zoning hearings and contracts, and employment agreements, disputes and negotiations.

Sep 2007 - Feb 2012

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