Articles of organization Oregon is a document that limited liability companies (LLCs) must file with the Oregon Secretary of State's corporation division to be authorized to operate in that state. This document is also called articles of incorporation. Oregon allows for-profit, nonprofit, and professional corporations to be incorporated there.

Filing Articles of Organization in Oregon

When filing articles of organization in Oregon, companies must include:

  • The LLC's name, which should adhere to state laws and include abbreviations or words such as incorporated, corporation, company, or limited, but not cooperative.
  • Information about the registered agent, which is the company or person that receives official correspondence, such as legal notices, on behalf of the LLC.
  • The LLC's physical address, including the street name and number; the mailing address if it differs from the LLC's main office; and the name of the first registered agent at that office.
  • The mailing address for sending notices until the LLC assigns an address in its annual report.
  • A statement on whether the LLC will be manager-managed or member-managed.
  • The names and addresses of each LLC organizer.
  • The latest date at which the LLC will dissolve or a statement declaring the LLC's existence as permanent.
  • The type of professional service or services the LLC will provide, as defined by Oregon state law.
  • The name and address of at least one of the LLC's member-managers or managers or a representative authority with direct knowledge of the LLC's operations and business activities.

Ordering Articles of Organization in Oregon

Potential LLC owners in Oregon can order a certified copy of articles of organization from the Secretary of State's office one of three ways:

  1. Mail: By providing an Order Form with the business name, payment, return address instructions, precise request, and a daytime phone number.
  2. Fax: By providing the Order Form with the business name, precise request, and daytime phone number in case of any queries. Faxed requests are processed within three business days.
  3. In Person: A potential LLC owner can visit the Oregon Secretary of State office and request and pay for the articles of organization document.

Payment for Articles of Organization

The typical service and processing fee for Oregon articles of organization is $15. In-person orders are processed instantly for no extra fee. Mailed or faxed articles of organization orders take three to seven business days to process, plus a few more days for mailing.

LLC owners must provide a prepaid and addressed envelope or an account number for a courier provider such as UPS or FedEx if they want a certified copy of the articles of organization mailed to them.

Benefit Companies

For an LLC to be a benefit company in Oregon, it must meet an authorized third-party organization's standards. In Oregon, a benefit company must benefit society and the environment while earning a profit.


This provision exists for Oregon LLCs that want to shield their managers, members, agents, and employees from legal responsibility for any of their actions.

Why File Articles of Organization

When the Secretary of State office approves articles of organization in Oregon, it secures the LLC's corporate name and creates the corporation's legal entity. Approval also allows the LLC to:

  • Apply for a tax identification number.
  • Get business licenses.
  • Sign contracts.
  • Conduct business.

Further, filing articles of organization documents adds credibility to the business or organization.

Potential LLC owners in Oregon should be meticulous when filing their articles of organization documents and should take time to understand the details. The state can reject these documents due to minor errors such as the wrong corporate suffix or the wrong registered agent's address. If potential LLC owners don't understand how to file the articles of organization in Oregon, they can hire an expert such as an attorney to do it on their behalf.

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