Nevada LLC Fees

Nevada LLC fees refer to the fees required by the State of Nevada to file Articles of Organization and to designate a Registered Agent. For example, filing the Articles of Organization is $75 in Nevada.

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company is a corporate structure that is available for businesses in Nevada. To determine if your business should be a limited liability company (LLC), consider seeking professional advice from an accountant, lawyer, or tax expert. These (often licensed) professionals can help you navigate the process of LLC formation in Nevada.

Many people like the structure of an LLC because it is flexible in management organization, has several tax advantages, and provides protection for the personal assets of its members. Members are the owners of the business itself. Members can be foreign entities, other LLCs, corporations, or individuals.

There is no maximum cap on the number of members in an LLC, although there are certain benefits to having fewer than 100. The term that is often used to describe a limited liability company is “hybrid.” This is because it has the benefits of both a limited liability partnership and a corporation. The elements of each that are part of an LLC are very appealing to members.

Nevada’s LLC Requirements

One of the reasons that many members choose to form their LLC in Nevada is that it is both easy and affordable in that state.

Of course, as with all other states, Nevada has requirements you must meet to form an LLC.

To register with the Secretary of State, an interested party must:

  • File the necessary forms (Articles of Organization and Registered Agent)
  • Pay applicable fees
  • Meet all naming and formation requirements

Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State of Nevada.

The filing must include:

  • Business name and address
  • Name and address of Resident Agent
  • Dissolution date (if applicable)
  • Employer Identification Number (or SSN of single member LLC)
  • Name and address of the organizers
  • The members’ or managers’ names

The Articles of Organization can be filed online, by email, fax, or by mail.

Filing Forms and Fees

The Secretary of State in Nevada has a website where you can submit the Articles of Organization.

The site also has the most recent fees for forming an LLC. Allow between two to three weeks for the Secretary of State in Nevada to process the Articles of Organization. For an additional fee, your processing can be expedited.

The fee for Articles of Organization processing is $75. The fee to expedite this processing is $150.

Also required is the list of members and a business license. These two items bring the total up to $475.

The expedited processing takes 24 hours or less. To reserve a name in the State of Nevada, a fee of $25 is required. Of course, an expedited reservation requires a fee of $50. All fees can be paid by trust account, credit card, money order, or check.

To avoid pitfalls with your new organization, seek professional help.

Nevada Naming Requirements

The requirements to name an LLC in Nevada are:

  • Distinguishable from other businesses registered in Nevada
  • Must end with a variation of Limited Liability Company (i.e., L.L.C., LLC, or Ltd. Co.)
  • No restricted words (Attorney, Doctor, Bank) unless license requirements are met and additional forms are filed
  • No use of prohibited words that mislead consumers into believing the company is a government agency or entity (i.e., Treasury, FBI, or Secret Service)

Ongoing Requirements for Nevada LLCs

In Nevada, your requirements don’t stop just because you have successfully formed your LLC. Keeping your business compliant is an ongoing process. In order for your LLC to remain compliant in Nevada you must:

  • File an annual list of members/managers ($150)
  • File for an annual business license ($200)

If you miss the filing deadline (which is due the last day of the month of the anniversary month), you will be charged a penalty of $100, and your LLC may suffer consequences like dissolution or revocation.

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