Nevada LLC filing fees will depend on which documents you need to file to establish your limited liability company. 

LLC Filing Fees in Nevada

In Nevada, the LLC filing fees are as follows:  

  • Articles of Organization, $75.
  • Name Reservation, around $25.
  • Annual or Initial List of Manager and Members, $150.
  • Business license registration and renewals, $200.
  • A recurring annual fee is $150 for the Statement of Information.

The usual time frame for processing is a couple of business days. There are expedited services available for those who need them. Your LLC articles of incorporation are typically processed within two to three weeks. 

Why File an LLC?

Prior to filing for an LLC, determine whether it's the right business model for you. It is a flexible business type and has some tax and liability benefits for members. There is no cap on members, and they can be people or other business entities, including foreign ones. LLCs are attractive because they bring the best elements of limited liability partnerships (LLP) and corporations together. 

All LLCs registered outside of Nevada are required to register with the secretary of state if they plan to do business in Nevada. 

Naming your LLC in Nevada

LLC naming requirements are relatively lenient in Nevada. However, the company's name still needs to be unique and easily distinguished from existing LLCs and is subject to approval by the secretary of state. Like other states, Nevada requires the new company to include either some variant of the LLC abbreviation or "Limited Liability Company" in its name. You can check availability through the state's business name database

The secretary of state can reserve your chosen business name for 90 days if you file a reservation request. This can be done online or through the mail. 

LLCs and Articles of Organization 

All Nevada LLCs are required to submit the Articles of Organization form to the secretary of state pursuant to NRS Chapter 86. The form must have all the company's important information, such as business name, registered agent, Social Security number or employer identification number, member or manager's name, licenses, and permits. Registration can be done by mail or online. If you file online, the form is processed immediately. 

When filing the articles of organization, include the Initial List of Managers and Members Form, along with a copy of your business license. This is due prior to the last day of the month of the LLC's incorporation anniversary. All domestic and foreign LLCs doing business in Nevada are required to file an annual report. Subsequent-year annual reports are due on the last day of the LLC's anniversary month. If you filed your LLC in September, these reports are due on September 30th every year thereafter. 

Special Permits and Licenses

Any business planning to operate in Nevada is required to have a valid business license. The Nevada Secretary of State also reserves the right to ask for other business licenses and permits. 

Registered Agents

Every LLC operating in Nevada is required to have a local registered agent who has a permanent Nevada address. This individual or business will accept served legal documents on behalf of the LLC. The name of your registered agent must be in the LLC articles of organization

Operating Agreements

Nevada doesn't require operating agreements for LLCs, but it's recommended to keep one on file. Although the operating agreement is not required by the Nevada Secretary of State, one must be submitted when the company files for a state tax license. 

EINs and LLC Taxes in Nevada

If needed, you should file for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). If your LLC has two or more members, you will obtain your EIN from the IRS. This is mandatory if you plan to hire employees. You can apply for your free EIN right on the IRS website. 

LLCs in Nevada are treated differently for various tax purposes, depending on whether they act similar to an LLP, sole proprietorship, C Corporation, or S Corporation. LLCs in Nevada are subject to local taxes. There is no corporate income tax in Nevada, but there is a $200 business license tax. 

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