A Nevada LLC search, or business entity search, is what you conduct to make sure the desired name for your LLC is available for use in Nevada. It is one of the first and most important things you should do in the business formation process. When picking a business name, there are several questions to consider:

  • Is the name appropriate?
    • Nevada has certain guidelines for business names that must be met.
  • Is the name available?
    • Searching to see if your desired name is available in Nevada is essential. Duplicate names are not allowed.
  • Is the name’s internet address (URL) available?
    • Even if you don’t plan on making a website now, it may be a good idea to purchase the domain name you might want in case your plans change in the future.
  • Is the name’s email address available?
    • It’s a good idea to have an email address that matches your business name in some way.

Conducting a Nevada LLC search also allows you to obtain the following records about a Nevada business:

  • Whether or not is has been formed legally.
  • Whether or not it is in good standing.
  • What its business address is.
  • What the registered agent’s address is.

For these reasons, a Nevada LLC search is a very valuable tool when organizing your business. It is also very simple to conduct.

Searching for a Nevada LLC name can be done here. After you have made your search, you will see the names listed of the best matches to what you have searched for. Once you have a name that suits you, you can click on that name to move forward. The page this leads to has all the public business information on record with the Secretary of State.

There are other searches you can conduct from this page as well, and they are:

  • Registered agent search.
  • Business ID search.
  • Officer name search.
  • Associate business name search.

Forming a Nevada LLC

Forming an LLC in Nevada requires the following steps:

  1. Choose an LLC name.
    1. In Nevada, LLC names must contain one of the following words, phrases, or abbreviations:
      1. "Limited-Liability Company"
      2. "Limited Liability Company"
      3. "Limited Company"
      4. "Limited"
      5. "Ltd."
      6. "L.L.C."
      7. "LLC"
      8. "LC."
      9. "Co."
    2. The LLC name cannot be the same as any other name on record with the Secretary of State. A name can be reserved for 90 days by putting in a Name Reservation Request with the Secretary of State.
    3. Name applications have a $25 filing fee.
  2. File the Articles of Organization.
    1. Articles of Organization are filed with the Secretary of State. These articles should include:
      1. LLC name and address.
      2. LLC registered agent name, signature, and address.
      3. LLC date of dissolution, if applicable.
      4. LLC’s status as manager-run or member-run.
      5. Address and name of each managing member or manager.
      6. Name, signature, and address of each organizer.
    2. There is a $75 filing fee if the authorized stock has a value of $75,000 or less.
    3. The initial list and business license fee is $700.
  3. Have a registered agent appointed.
    1. Such a person or business entity will accept all legal papers for the LLC if it is sued.
    2. This agent must be a Nevada resident or a business authorized to conduct business in Nevada
  4. Have an operating agreement prepared.
    1. Nevada does not require operating agreements, but it is advisable to have one.
  5. Meet other regulatory and tax requirements.
    1. EIN Requirements
      1. If an LLC is multi-member, an EIN must be obtained from the IRS, even if your company has no employees.
      2. If an LLC is single-member, an EIN must be obtained only if there are employees or the LLC is to be taxed as a corporation.
    2. Business License Requirement
      1. All Nevada businesses must get a state business license through the Secretary of State and renew it annually.
      2. LLCs must pay a $200 renewal and license fee.
    3. Department of Taxation Requirement
      1. If your LLC has employees, you must register through the Nevada Employment Security Division (ESD) and the Nevada Department of Taxation (DOT).
      2. There is no personal or corporate income tax in Nevada, but there are many hotel and tourism taxes.
  6. Get your annual report filed.
    1. An annual report must state directors, officers, and the registered agent.
    2. The annual report must be filed before the final day of the month following the month in which the articles of organization were filed. Reports for following years are due the final day in the month in which the LLC was organized.
    3. Annual reports require a $150 filing fee.

Clearly, there is much to consider when naming and forming your LLC in Nevada, but when broken down into smaller steps, the process is not so daunting.

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