An e-file Statement of Information California LLC is also referred to as an Annual Report. The document is required by the California Secretary of State and must be filed by all LLCs every two years.

Things to Know About California's Statement of Information

Once any domestic or registered foreign LLC files its Articles of Organization or an Application for Registration, a Statement of Information (SOI) must be filed with the Secretary of State within 90 days.

The filing period for an LLC is determined by the month the Application for Registration or Articles of Organization were filed and the five months preceding the filing date. 

The SOI must be filed whether or not the LLC has been actively pursuing and conducting business. The form used is California LLC-12. It is used to maintain up-to-date information about the LLC such as officers, managers, members' names and addresses, and the registered agent.

Filing the required Statement of Information is made easy by using the online form on the Secretary of State website. 

Steps for Filling Out Form LLC-12

  1. If the form has the preprinted name of your LLC, do not alter it in any way. If a correction is necessary, attach a statement noting what the correct name should be. Also, include the date the Secretary of State received the name change amendment form.
  2. If the form is blank, you will fill in the name of the LLC exactly the way its recorded with the California Secretary of State. 
  3. If the form has a preprinted file number, do not alter it. If it's blank, enter the number issued by the SOI.
  4. The jurisdiction should not be altered. If blank and the business was organized outside of California and registered as a foreign LLC, fill in the state where the LLC was organized.
  5. The No Change Statement section is used to update any changes to the LLC in the previous year. If there is no information because no SOI has been filed, then fill out the form. 
  6. You'll need to enter the LLCs principal executive office street address, city, and zip code. Do not use a P. O. Box and do not abbreviate city names.
  7. For LLCs formed in California, enter the complete address. No P. O, Box addresses, and no city name abbreviations. 
  8. Enter the residential or business address of the manager or managers that were appointed following the stipulations of Operating Agreement or the Articles of Organization. If there is no elected manager, enter the residential address for the LLCs members.
  9. Enter the name of the person or corporation named as the registered agent. The agent must be a resident of California and a corporation must have the authority to do business in California. The agent is designated to accept service of process in the event the company is sued. 
  10.  The agent must be in agreement to the appointment prior to being designated.
  11. In the event a corporation is designated as the agent, a certificate would have had to be previously filed with the Secretary of State. 
  12. An address is required for the agent and it must be either a residential or business address in California. "In care of" is not allowed.
  13. Describe, in a general manner, the type of business the LLC is involved in. this should cover the principal activities of the business.
  14. Finish by typing the name of the person completing the form, their title, and the date the form was completed. 

Tips for Limited Liability Company Statements of Information

  • Include the filing fee for the SOI submission
  • The exact name of the LLC and the business number can be found using the Business Search option on the SOS website. The jurisdiction can also be found using the search option.
  • If there is a current and fully complete SOI already on file with the SOS and there are no changes to be made to the current form, a Statement of No Change may be submitted. The form number is LLC-12NC.
  • If any of the information is incomplete or a P. O. Box was used for an address, the form will be returned to you. 

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