Finding out LLC information in California is important for any new business which forms one. They need to file a Statement of Information by 90 days from the date when the Articles of Organization are filed. The purpose of the Statement of Information is to et the public has access to the LLC's general information. 

Foreign LLCs, businesses that were filed in another state, also need to file a Statement of Information if they do business in California. This is a simple form, but it's essential that every LLC makes the deadline and files it in time. The form is offered on the California Secretary of State's website.

In addition to filing a statement of information within 90 days filing the Articles of Organization, they need to pay a $20 filing fee. Only once the operating agreement has been prepared should the Statement of Information be filed. This is also known as the "SOI" form. 

The Statement of Information must be filed by the LLC must every two years. The most up-to-date information is kept in this document. It also lets the state know of any changes to the LLC, whether there has been a change of CEO, members, address, or registered agent. If nothing has changed since the last time the form was submitted, Form LLC-12NC can be filled out instead.

When to File a Statement of Information

Once the first Statement of Information has been filed, the LLC needs to file a new SOI every other year during the correct filing period. Even if the company isn't actively involved in business, the form must still be filed.

Penalties of Statement of Information

If this document is not filed by the appropriate deadline, the LLC will be fined $250. The Secretary of State can forfeit or suspend the company's powers and privileges if they don't send in a status report on the company. If the business is falling behind, they can ask for a Request for Waiver of Liability within 30 days of getting their liability notification. The waiver must have an explanation of why the document wasn't filed on time, including a legitimate reason, and be signed.

Completing the Statement of Information

The following are required in order to complete the Statement of Information: 

  • California LLC number given by the state
  • Name of the LLC 
  • Which state the LLC is organized in 
  • Main address of the office 
  • For domestic LLCs only - the California address that needs to be maintained 
  • For foreign LLCs only - address of the main office in California 
  • All managers' names and addresses 
  • Registered agent's name Summary of the main business activity 
  • Title and name of the person that will fill out the Statement of Information

If there is more than one member or manager, the name and address of them must be added to the Attachment to State of Information.

Filing the Statement of Information

The Statement of Information is sent to the California Secretary of State. This can be filed by mail and sent to the following address: Secretary of State, Business Entities, P.O. Box 944228, Sacramento, CA 95814. If the form is hand-delivered, the form should be taken to Secretary of State, 1500 11th St., 3rd Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814. A $20 filing fee should be included and can be paid by cash or a check made out to the California Secretary of State.

If the document is just showing recent changes to the company, a fee isn't required. The first form must be hand delivered or filed by mail, but future filings can be filed online. If extra certified copies are needed, the fees are $1 for the first page and 50 cents for additional pages.

What If I Haven't Done Business or Filed In Awhile?

The LLC's status must be active in order for the form to be filed. If it hasn't been filed in several years, the company may be considered forfeited or suspended according to the California Secretary of State's records. The LLC's status can be found online through a business search on the Secretary of State's website. If its status is found to be forfeited or suspended, it must be resolved by contacting the California Franchise Tax Board.

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