If you're thinking of becoming a US citizen, one of the first things you'll need to do is get a certificate of naturalization. This document proves that you've been granted Citizenship and is an integral part of the naturalization process.

Here, we'll explain what a Certificate of Naturalization is, what you need to do to get one, and what it's used for.

Is a certificate of naturalization the same as Citizenship?

A certificate of naturalization is not the same as Citizenship. Citizenship is granted by the government and is a political status that comes with rights and responsibilities. On the other hand, a certificate of naturalization is an administrative record documenting that a person has naturalized.

US Certificate of Citizenship is only issued to a person who obtains or derives US citizenship via his or her birth to American parents. On the other hand, a naturalized citizen receives a naturalization certificate only after passing the naturalization test.

The Certificate of Naturalization is proof that you have become a United States Citizen through naturalization. It is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) after they have approved your application for naturalization. The Certificate has your name, photograph, signature, and the date and place of your naturalization ceremony.

The Certificate of Naturalization is not a document you need for everyday life. However, it is required if you want to obtain a US passport, social security number, or driver's license in another state. It can also be used as proof of citizenship for other purposes, such as enrolling in school, voting, or applying for federal jobs.

To sail through this entire process seamlessly, it is advisable to hire a spouse visa attorney to help with the application.

How do I get a copy of my naturalization certificate online?

If you've lost your Certificate of Naturalization, had it stolen, or had it damaged in any way, filing form N-565 with the USCIS will allow you to get a replacement copy of your naturalization certificate. Once you take the Naturalization Oath of Allegiance, you are presented with a Certificate of Naturalization as evidence of your newly acquired Citizenship.

With this document in hand, you may apply for a passport and participate in all the privileges of US citizenship. It also serves as evidence that you are eligible to reside, work, and vote in the United States.

When filling out the N-565 form, you will need to include proof of identity, such as a copy of your driver's license or passport. However, before you get to this step, you need to file a police report. This report and your proof of identity should also be included when submitting this form.

Once you've filed your form N-565 or FOIA request, the USCIS will review your case and determine whether you're eligible for a replacement Certificate of Naturalization. After determination, the USCIS will send you a notice telling you how to get your replacement Certificate of Naturalization.

It is advisable, however, to hire an immigration attorney for this process. This is because any errors in your application might lead to unwarranted delays. A lawyer also helps you stay within the legal timelines for this entire process.

How do I get my naturalization certificate?

The US has a citizenship pathway that gives foreigners with certain qualifications to become citizens through naturalization. As proof of citizenship, foreigners who qualify are issued a naturalization certificate. However, there's a process that you have to go through to become a naturalized citizen.

If you have been living and working in the US for at least five years, and you've been a US green card holder for at least three years, you can apply for a Certificate of Naturalization. You can also get citizenship through marriage by marrying a US citizen. However, you first get a green card before applying for naturalization.

To apply for a Certificate of Naturalization, you need to fill out Form N-400 and submit it to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You will also need to provide proof of your US permanent residency, such as a birth certificate or a green card.

After your application is processed, you will be scheduled for an interview at a USCIS office. You will be asked questions about your application and background during the interview. You will also be required to take civics and English language tests.

If you pass the interview and tests, you will be scheduled for a ceremony where you will take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. Once you have taken your oath, you will be issued a Certificate of Naturalization.

How much does the citizenship test cost?

So, how much will it cost you to become a US citizen through naturalization? The current cost of applying for US citizenship through naturalization is $725.

This amount includes the $640 fee for application processing and the $85 fee for biometrics services. Neither of these fees is refundable, regardless of whether the US government will approve or deny your application. However, these costs may be decreased or even eliminated for certain candidates.

This fee can be paid with a personal check, money order, cashier's check, or credit card. Keep in mind that additional costs may apply if you need to hire an immigration lawyer. The average immigration lawyer cost for a consultation is $200, but the cost can vary depending on the lawyer's location and experience.

How difficult is the test for citizenship?

It's hard to say how challenging the United States citizenship exam will be. In general, the exam isn't as challenging as you may anticipate. However, this depends on your prior preparedness level before taking it.

The United States citizenship exam is divided into numerous sections designed to evaluate your knowledge in several subject areas.

Reading and Writing Test

For this test, your English proficiency is evaluated in written and spoken forms. The reading, writing, and oral examinations that make up the verbal section are designed to gauge how well you can use English in various contexts.

In order to pass the reading section, you must accurately read one of three phrases to a USCIS official. Passing the exam's writing section requires accurately completing one of three sentences.

Speaking Test

The US citizenship interview process involves a spoken language test. During the interview for your Application for Naturalization, a USCIS officer will check your English proficiency to see whether you meet the requirements for naturalization. You will be tested on your comprehension of elementary-level English statements and directives.

The Civics Exam

The citizenship exam includes 100 questions on civics. However, you are only required to answer ten questions from the 100 interview questions on the list during your naturalization interview. In order to pass this civics test, you need to get six out of ten questions right.

The civics exam presents unique difficulties for many students. As part of the application process, you will be given two chances to demonstrate your English and citizenship skills. If you do not pass the test after the first interview, you will have the opportunity to repeat the section you did not pass within 60 to 90 days following the date of your first interview.

Before scheduling an interview, you have to get all your green card interview documents in order. You should consult your lawyer to make sure that all the needed documents are in order.

Is a certificate of naturalization the same as a passport?

A certificate of naturalization is not the same as a passport. A passport is an internationally recognized document that proves your identity and citizenship. Its main purpose is to provide proof of identity, especially during international travels.

On the other hand, a certificate of naturalization acts as an official document that confirms that you have become a US citizen. While a passport is not required to prove your US citizenship, traveling outside the United States is generally required.

A certificate of naturalization is used as proof of US citizenship when applying for a passport. So, while a certificate of naturalization and a passport serve different purposes, they are both important documents for US citizens. For more information, you can look for an online immigration lawyer.

What is the Certificate of naturalization number?

A certificate of naturalization number, commonly known as a C-file number, is an important document granted to a citizen of the United States who gains citizenship through naturalization. Naturalized citizens receive US citizenship after filing for permanent legal status and passing the necessary examinations.

A naturalization certificate is issued after the Oath of Citizenship ceremony. The Certificate comes with a unique C-file number, which is an eight-digit alphanumeric code that appears in red at the top right.

The certificate number should not be confused with any of the other form numbers provided during the USCIS application process, such as the USCIS registration number, petition or application number, or CIS registration number. The naturalization certificate number is distinct from the social security number and is used to prove citizenship in the United States.

This number is different from a social security number in that it is assigned by the Department of Homeland Security rather than the Social Security Administration. Both numbers represent a unique individual, but only naturalized citizens have a certificate of naturalization number. On the other hand, all US residents use a social security number.

What is naturalization vs green card?

So you're interested in becoming a US citizen? Great! However, you have to go through the entire process of naturalization.

A Green Card gives a person permanent residence in the United States. A green card holder can legally work and live in the US indefinitely. A Green Card holder can also apply for US citizenship after living and working in the US for five years (or three years one is married to a US citizen).

Naturalization is simply the process by which a person who is not a US citizen can become a US citizen. This can either be through the permanent residency path or citizenship by marriage.

The Benefits and Obligations of a Green Card Holder

As a green card holder, you get to enjoy most of the privileges that normal citizens enjoy. However, there are some limitations. If you hold a green card, you have the following privileges:

  • You can apply for visas to allow your spouse and children to reside in the United States
  • You are eligible for Social Security, SSI, and Medicare benefits
  • You can participate in the US military in a certain capacity
  • You are eligible for federal assistance like food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Services for Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • You are also allowed to travel outside the United States for vacations
  • You can rent or own property anywhere in the US

As for vacations, it's important to understand your limitations. Vacations of less than a year's duration are generally OK, but those that take longer might jeopardize your green card status. Most companies in the US, with the help of work visa attorneys, make petitions for green cards for exemplary workers.

While you have all these rights as a green card holder, there are some rights that are limited for you. These include the following:

  • Running for a political seat
  • Voting in a federal, state, or local election
  • Applying for visas for your siblings
  • Applying for Citizenship for kids born abroad
  • Apply for certain federal jobs that require US citizenship status.

How do I get a copy of a naturalization certificate?

If you've lost your Certificate of naturalization or need a copy for any other reason, you can request a new one from the USCIS, as discussed in detail above.

However, there's a small fee associated with this, and you'll need to provide certain information, including your name, place and date of birth, and naturalization number (if you have it). This process can be done online or by mail.


A Certificate of Naturalization is the document that proves a person has become a United States Citizen. The Certificate is proof that all the naturalization requirements have been met. Once a Certificate is issued, the person is a full United States Citizen and has all the rights and privileges that come with Citizenship.

You are probably wondering how to get a Certificate of Naturalization. The process of obtaining a Certificate can be difficult, but with the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, it can be done. Lawyers help you every step of the way, including taking the immigration medical exam.

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