A Massachusetts LLC search is the most direct way to find important information on a specific entity. The best way to search is to go online. You can start by going to the search engine and searching for the following information:

  • Entity Name
  • Personal Names
  • ID Numbers
  • Filing Numbers

According to the Commonwealth Corporation Division, a new entity name cannot be the same or mistaken for the name of an existing business entity. In addition, a chosen name cannot be similar to a name already reserved in the database.

You should also check online to see if your new LLC name correlates to a URL name. Reserve a domain name to prevent others from using your new LLC name, and consider adding an email address of the same name ([email protected]).

Searching via Name

To navigate the database, go to the Division of Corporation website and go to the name indicator where subheadings are. Enter the name you have in mind, and customize the search accordingly. Leave out endings such as “LLC,” and remember that the search engine is not case-sensitive. Before customizing the search, ensure the search type says “begins with.”

If you wish to be thorough, enter the first one or two words of the name you’re searching for to see if any name matches your chosen name. For instance, if you wish to name your company “Big Grape Farms LLC,” enter “big grape” as the first two words in the search engine. Further, you can also input the first part of the word (ex. “Printing Solutions LLC” can be shortened to print.)

Additionally, change the “Display number of items to view” to 100 items for each page and click the “Search Corporations” tab. The results will show a number of registered entity names based on the information you provided.

If you get “No Records Found,” search using different criteria to make sure you’re being thorough in the search process. If you still come across no records, it means your name is open for registry. On the other hand, if the available names are not similar to yours, it is also open for registry.

If the results show names that are too similar, you may need to think of another variation. When in doubt, change the name accordingly until the name sounds dissimilar to the search engine results, or until you get no records in your results. Moreover, you may also file the necessary paperwork, and the secretary of state office will tell you if the name is too similar.

Once you have the name in place, you can go to the next page where you can do the following:

  • View Filings
  • Conduct a New Engine Search
  • Request a Certificate

Search via Individual Name

Go to the corporate webpage search and click on the full legal name in the provided fields. From there, pick the search type, and click “search corporations” to commence the search. You will get a list of results based on your inquiry, and you may click on any entity in the listing page to learn more. The following page will also give any information about the entity, including some links on:

  • Getting a Certificate
  • Itemizing Filings
  • Continuing with a New Search

Searching via ID Number

You can find the ID search menu by changing the search criteria into a filing number. After you type in the necessary info, you will get your desired results and can learn more about whichever entity you click on. Since this method is specified, you will only get a single listing or no a no-results page. You may also gain additional information accordingly in the provided links.

Naming Standards

Once you have your name in place, you must first remember that all names must have an “LLC” or L.L.C.” at the end of the name. Further, you may not use such words as “Inc.” or “Corporation” because your name is not registered as a corporate structure. You must also remember that your LLC cannot have names that associate your business to a government agency, such as “Treasury” or “Secret Service.”

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