A Guide on How to Obtain an Australian Work Visa (E-3 Visa)

Learn more about a E-Visa, who it's for, the requirements, and process for obtaining one to for those who with to trade or invest in the United States.

What is an E-3 Visa?

An E-3 visa is a fairly new concept solely for Australian citizens.

In 2005, the United States announced the new visa, which allows Australian nationals, along with their spouses and children, to come to the U.S. to work in a specialty occupation.

Typically, Australians as most others applying for the highly sought after H-1B visas rarely obtained them. However, now 10,500 E-3 visas are available solely to Australians.

Australian Work Visa Requirements to Work in the United States:

A few requirements are put on these new visas that have to do with the type of skill needed for an Australian to work in the United States.

E-3 visas are for “specialty occupation workers,” which requires a body of knowledge in a professional field, and at least a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Similarly, E-3 visas need to find a job with a company that will sponsor their visa. The necessary steps from both the employer and the Australian citizen will need to be taken via the USCIS’s website and the U.S. Consulate, respectively. You must receive the accepted visa from the U.S. Consulate or embassy overseas prior to entering the United States.

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