The Arizona corporation commission LLC provides rules and registration procedures on how to successfully establish your business in the state. An LLC is a sound business structure for many business owners, but it is not the right fit for all business endeavors. You should understand the details before you decide to start an LLC in Arizona. LLCs provide the following benefits:

  • Efficient tax filing
  • Organization flexibility
  • Liability protections

Members represent LLCs, and members can be foreign entities, individuals, companies, or others LLCs. Also, LLCs have no restrictions on the number of members. When it comes to LLC basics, an LLC structure combines aspects of limited liability partnerships and corporations.

LLC Creation Process

When creating an LLC, you must choose a name that’s distinct and memorable. When choosing the right name, keep in mind the following:

  • Ensure the name is user-friendly and memorable to your core demographic
  • The name should not be the same as federal trademarks
  • The name must describe your product or service
  • Choose a common domain name (.org, .com, .net, .info, or .biz)

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office maintains a record of trademarked names so you can search for any similarities pertaining to your intended name. When choosing an ideal name, consider an example of “Tanya’s Flower Shop,” which is a clear description of the product you’re offering.

Trademark Names

When it comes to trademarking names, you should know that arbitrary trademarks come with the highest trademark protections than descriptive ones, and an attorney will feel more at ease with a name that’s unique to your brand. For instance, computer products called Microsoft® or Windows ® come with a trademark that’s highly safeguarded under law, due to the uncommon link between the product and name.

LLC Names

Before deciding on an LLC name, you should search for names that closely resemble the name you have in mind. You should also refer to the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) for regulations regarding naming a business entity. This helps you know the newer names when compared to ones already in existence. When searching the ACC website, look for “Name – Forms for Entity Name Reservations.” Once you find the section, a menu appears where you can type your new company name.

From there, select an LLC as the type of entity, then choose “check name” to see the results.

Naming Standards

Refer to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 29-602 to make sure that your name adheres to all regulations pertaining to LLC naming. The business name must not only be different from names already in the database but other trade names on file as well.

With that, keep in mind the following exceptions:

  • Names that are only different via the presence or absence of spaces
  • Names that are similar with the exception of capitalization differences
  • Names that note the business entity type (ex. LLC designation at the end ofthe name)
  • Names whose primary difference lies in punctuation
  • Names that only differ regarding the use of an ampersand (ex. “and” vs. &)
  • Names where the only difference lies in a numerical number instead of the numerical word.
  • Names using a different article (ex. A Large Ship vs. The Large Ship)

If your name contains differences other than the aforementioned exceptions, authorities consider it distinguishable. If such differences are restricted to the exceptions, officials will reject the name. You may also look to the Arizona Corporation Commission Naming Standards to know in greater detail the requirements in regards to naming your business.

Name Changes

You may also get LLC forms from the Arizona Corporation Commission. Arizona LLC law mandates that LLC name changes in Arizona require notification to the ACC within 30 days of the name change.

When searching for a name, you should refer to the ACC website and search the database. If you see information displayed incorrectly, a member should take measures to correct the mistake. You should check to make sure the following information is correct:

  • Company name
  • Member/manager names
  • Statutory agent

If any of the following is wrong, you should submit a change of address/statutory application to the ACC.

LLC Dissolution

If your LLC has been dissolved in Arizona, you need a reinstatement application. You may find the cover letter and form online, and you can find both documents online. Also, you may need a different application depending on how the LLC was dissolved.

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