The Norwalk business registration process should be followed for any future business. A business license is required to conduct business in the city of Norwalk, California. To obtain your business license, you should send the completed Business License Application in PDF form along with Sub-Category documentation dependent on your type of business.

Steps to Take Before Applying for a Business License

Prior to applying for a business license, complete the outlined steps:

  1. Go to your city's planning division to check their zoning requirements.
  2. If you are operating your business out of your home, you must obtain a Home Occupation Permit.
  3. You will need to get a business name from the LA County Recorder's Office. This will be labeled as a DBA or Doing Business As.
  4. A Resale Number is required if you are conducting sales. You can get this from the State Board of Equalization.
  5. If you are selling tobacco products, you will also need to obtain a Tobacco License from the State Board of Equalization.
  6. If you are selling food products, you will need a Health Permit from the LA County Department of Health.
  7. Finally, you can apply for your business license by turning in a finished Business License Application. This must include the Sub-Category page.

Business License Fees and Renewal

Fees vary based on the type of business license applicable to your business. Fees may be charged based on the income you receive. For some licenses, a set fee is paid per year. For the most accurate information related to your business license, please see the Norwalk Business Fee page. In addition, all businesses must pay the State Mandated Fee SB1186 of $1.00.

Business licenses must be renewed each year. All business licenses, regardless of when they were purchased, are valid for the remainder of the year and expire on December 31 of each year. Payment for the annual license renewal must be paid no later than January 31 of each year. The annual renewal fees can be paid online before January 31. If the fees are paid after the due date, additional fees in the form of interest and penalties will apply.

Fictitious Business Statement

If you operate a business for a profit under a fictitious name, you must file for a business license. A fictitious name does not include the person's surname in the company name. The statement is required to be filed in the county of the main place of business. However, the statement may be filed in other counties as long as all requirements for the county of the main place of business have been satisfied. Not all business need to file the statement.

Non-profit entities such as corporations, associations, or organizations are not required to file this statement. The statements can be filed at the LAX Courthouse and in Lancaster, Norwalk, and in Van Nuys. If you wish to mail in your business request, you may only mail the documents to the Norwalk location.

Requirements for a Norwalk Business License

  • The owner must sign the statement and documents. A qualified lawyer can help you with the documents.
  • The street address of the main place of business and county is required. Corporations and limited liability companies must use the address on file with the Secretary of State.
  • All owners and their residential address are required to be included.
  • A filed copy of the Fictitious Name Statement must be published one time a week for four weeks in a row in a legally published newspaper in Los Angeles County. A complete list of eligible newspapers can be found online or at the County Clerk's office.
  • All publications are required to begin within 30 days of filing.
  • The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's Office requires a Notarized Affidavit of Identify Form in to go with all Fictitious Business Name Statements effective January 1, 2015, pursuant to Senate Bill 1467. This applies to original, refile, and new statements.
  • The Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk needs proof of existence and requires good standing from the California Secretary of State. No other evidence from the state will be accepted.

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