An LLC registered agent Georgia is an individual or business that accepts legal correspondence for a Limited Liability Company in the state of Georgia. 

About the Registered Agent and Registered Office

When a business owner or a group of partners decide to start an LLC, they first need to choose a registered agent before they can file their articles of organization in the state of Georgia. This registered agent will accept certain official mail on behalf of the LLC.

Registered agents in most states act as the primary contact for any tax information, reminders for payments, and any other important documents meant for the LLC. 

Because a Service of Process may be delivered, this contact must be reachable during the work day Monday through Friday every week from at least 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Official complaints, subpoenas, and court summons all fall under the category of Service of Process and must be handled carefully and quickly. 

LLC formation documents must include information for the business's registered agent and registered office. 

The address for your LLC's registered agent can't be a PO box address, but must be a street address located in the same state that the LLC conducts business in. 

Others will be able to find the LLC's registered agent address in the business search on the secretary of state (SOS) website, and it will be included in the business's official filings. 

If your LLC is served or if any law officers need to locate the business, they will find the registered agent's address, so it's not a good idea to use someone's home address or the principle place of business for this purpose. You wouldn't want to get served a subpoena in front of customers or in the middle of family dinner. 

Annual registrations  for LLCs in Georgia can include any changes to registered agents or offices along with the following information:

  • LLC name
  • Registered office address (current)
  • Registered agent name (current)
  • Changes to information regarding registered agent or office

If an LLC does not choose a suitable registered agent, SOS becomes the default registered agent for the business and any legal documents for the LLC will be sent to the SOS office. This can also happen if information is not kept up-to-date or if the individual serving the documents is unable to find a registered agent for the LLC at the address provided. 

Certain individuals at the SOS office are designated to receive Service of Process documents on behalf of LLCs. 

Whoever is attempting to sue the LLC will need to provide written verification that the legal documents were sent to the LLC using the registered agent information provided, that an agent was not found for whatever reason, and that the documents were then sent to the SOS instead. 

Being a Registered Agent in Georgia

Business owners in Georgia can choose to hire a commercial registered agent to accept legal documents on behalf of the company. These services will sometimes fax or email such documents to the LLC if the owner so chooses. 

These commercial registered agent companies usually cost the LLC somewhere around $100 to $300 each year for services.

In the state of Georgia, a registered agent is required to be a third-party individual or company that is chosen by the member or members of the LLC to accept documents on their behalf. Every business in the state is legally required to have a registered agent. 

These registered agents should be able to do the following:

  • Accept legal documents during business hours each day of the week.
  • Deliver any received documents to the LLC quickly.
  • Be an individual or business entity with a physical address (also called the registered office) in the state.

LLCs in Georgia can choose from the following for their registered agents:

  • An owner or member of the LLC
  • A friend or family member of the LLC owner
  • Another business entity
  • A commercial registered agent

Any individuals serving as registered agents in Georgia have to be residents of the state. Along with Service of Process documents, the LLC's annual reports will also be sent to the office of the LLC's registered agent. 

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