LLC examples names must not sound the same as other business names, and you should not choose a name that’s already registered in a state database. Also, you must ensure that your chosen name does not confuse your target customers or clients. Choosing an LLC name is one of the most important steps when it comes to the LLC registration process. Above all, your name must tell the public or customer base what type of product or service you’re offering.

Choosing an LLC name is different than naming other business entity types, as a well-picked LLC name plays a vital role in your success as a business owner. The name will last for years to come, and it will be important to your overall brand and reputation.

LLC Naming Advice

First, you should make sure that others can easily spell your business name. Further, the name should be short because it allows people to remember your business easier and refer your business to friends, relatives, and associates. Further, your LLC name should have positive connotations, meaning that the name should leave people with good feelings about your business and product/services.

In addition, you need a name that’s memorable and easily pronounceable. Most importantly, the name must be legal and meet the naming guidelines established by your state.

Naming Guidelines

Your name is official upon registration of your business. The name also appears on your articles of organization, which is the document that creates your LLC. Your business can only have one legal name, but it may also go by other names under a doing-business-as (DBA) banner.

  • For instance, an LLC called “Jones and Smith LLC” can file a DBA in the form of “Great Painters.” You may use such a name on ads, signs, websites, etc.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your name must be different from other names already in use by another LLC, otherwise state authorities will reject your name. States vary when it comes to naming standards and acceptable filing procedures, but you should make sure that your name is not too similar to other company names to remain on the safe side.

Moreover, the states mandate that the name contain certain designators. For instance, LLC and corporate entity names must include the following words:

Also, you may add the following abbreviations to the name:

  • Corp.
  • Inc.
  • Co.
  • Ltd.

Some states may prohibit various words to prevent the public being deceived in any way. For instance, a state may forbid the word “Insurance” in an LLC name if the business is not in the insurance business.

The secretary of state keeps an online database of existing LLC names, and you can research other LLC names to see if your intended name is already taken.

  • Note: A name check simply lets you know that the name is available currently and does not hold the name for you.

Name Reservations

With a name reservation, other companies or individuals may not use your new name. If you wish to reserve a name, you can do so until you successfully obtain the name upon registration. A typical name reservation usually lasts from 60 to 120 days, but such a duration is based on your state guidelines.

Also, many states allow you to renew name reservations, and other states may allow you to renew on an indefinite basis. Other states may also allow you to reserve a name even if you are not ready to register your corporate or LLC entity at the moment. Name reservations are also useful if you already have a name, but wish to change it.

If you intend to register in one state and do business in other states, you could use a name reservation in those states as well. Reserving the name requires the filing of name reservation paperwork and paying any applicable fees. Once the reservation name expires, the name becomes available according to state records. It’s worth noting that not all states provide name reservations, and other states may only allow name reservations for corporate entities.

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