Delaware LLC fees are not as expensive as what you would think. Anyone is able to form a Delaware business entity, as long as they file the correct documents, pay the fees, and maintain the business by paying state and federal taxes annually. 

Delaware LLC Fees

Below are the important information and fees associated with owning a Delaware LLC:

  • Due June 1st, each Delaware LLC must pay $300 annually.
  • A $200 penalty is applied to every business who fails to pay on time. 
  • Regardless of the reason the state does not receive it, the penalty is applied.
  • You do not have to pay income tax in Delaware if you operate your LLC elsewhere.
  • You are not required to provide any information for the managers or members of the LLC on annual reports. 
  • You are required to pay annual franchise tax if you want to maintain your business status in Delaware.
  • Delaware's Division of Corporations applies a $200 fee for all late or nonpayments and interest at 1.5 percent on all late fees and taxes.

Delaware LLC Name Fees 

In Delaware, there are fees associated with LLC names. So, there are some things you should know.

You are able to reserve a name before forming your LLC. It is not a requirement. However, it does protect your desired name. The reservation is good for 120 days and it costs $75, which is paid when you file for the reservation. A change of name costs $200 and the state collects it when you file for the name change. 

Certificate of Formation Fees

Basically, each time you file something with the Delaware Division of Corporations, you are required to pay a fee. This is true when you file your LLC, as well. Below are the fees associated with filing an LLC in Delaware:

  • Filing fee paid to the Delaware Division of Corporations is $90, payable when you submit the filing.
  • If you want your application processed within 24 hours, you are required to pay an additional $50. 
  • The fee for same-day service with a response returned the same business day is $100. 
  • Each amendment to the Certificate of Formation costs $200. 
  • The fee is $200 for converting a non-domestic or out of state entity to a Delaware LLC.
  • If you are reforming a Delaware LLC, it is also $200.
  • One hour LLC service costs $1000 per document filed.
  • Two hour service is $500 per filed document.

Certified Copy Fees

At times, you are required to use certified copies of the documents you file with Delaware's Division of Corporations. So, you should know when you need to pay those fees and how much they are. Below is a list of important information and costs for certified copies:

  • A $50 fee is applied if you want a copy of your Certificate of Formation. 
  • Dispute resolution documents and copies of trademarks are $20.

Some banks require certified copies before opening an account for you. So, it is a good idea to get a couple sets. 

Certificate of Good Standing 

In addition, some banks require a Certificate of Good Standing. You are able to order it when you first form your business or at anytime after. Certificates of Good Standing cost $99. The short form is sufficient for most business reasons, however, sometimes you are required to get a long form certificate. It costs $224 total, which includes a $175 state fee and a $49 fee for processing. 

Combined Registration Application (CRA) Fees 

In Delaware, the Division of Revenue mandates that all business entities must submit the CRA if they staff employees. The form requires all information necessary to file with Delaware Division of Unemployment, the Division of Revenue, and Delaware's Office of Worker's Compensation. You can download it and mail it in, or you can file it online. The form lists the fee requirements, however, the fees are from $75 to $100,000 based on what the business' industry. If you do not apply for the correct business license you are charged a $200 fee. 

There are many reasons to file an LLC in Delaware. Low fees, easy regulations, and many other benefits attract many businesses. 

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