Cheap LLC Registration

Is there cheap LLC registration? There’s no single answer to this question, as fees vary by state. It can be difficult to take this step to creating an LLC, especially if you are not make a lot of money with your business just yet.

Cheapest Way to Form an LLC

One of the first steps to legitimize your business is setting it up as an LLC. It will take money, however, which is often the issue for many new startups. When you are not making any money right way, you have to account for every penny. Starting a business is not cheap. The costs will often overtake your cash on hand, so it is ideal to save everywhere you can.

An LLC, or a limited liability company, is a business structure that offers different advantages to business owners through taxes and profits. It also offers management flexibility, unlike traditional corporations.

Forming an LLC: Do-It-Yourself Way

The least expensive way to filing your own incorporation statement is to do it yourself in your state, though it will depend on the filing fees. The articles of organization are the incorporation statements for LLCs, but the name can vary in different states.

You can opt to hire someone to form the LLC, such as a lawyer or business consulting company. In addition to their fees, you also will have to pay the state fees. You can save cash by doing the paperwork yourself, which you can obtain from your state government offices or even on their website.

You may also find the forms you need to file online. It is possible that you can complete the entire process electronically. The forms are fairly easy to complete and the procedure to file them is very simple.

Forming an LLC: Use an Incorporation Service

You may not feel comfortable filing the LLC forms yourself. If so, you can hire an incorporation service to help you, which is a less expensive alternative to an attorney. There are a variety of companies that specialize in this practice.

However, you should never rely on their legal advice. Although knowledgeable, you should consult a practicing attorney for questions regarding the legality of your LLC.

Forming an LLC: Cutting Other Costs

By definition, your business is in existence once you have filed the articles of organization with your Secretary of State’s office. After you have formed your business, there are some other ways that you can reduce your costs. Some ideas include:

· Working from your home office

· Renting equipment

· Change your documents to electronic copies so that you do not have the expense of hard copies

Forming an LLC: Other Issues

Although there are some tax savings and personal liability protection, an LLC is not always the best choice for everyone. The savings sometimes are not felt the same way for all business owners.

For instance, a single-member LLC has to be taxed as either a corporation or a sole proprietorship. Either of these distinctions have different levels of tax liability. Before you make the decision to form an LLC, you need to talk to your attorney to ensure that it is the best choice for you.

Forming LLCs in Other States

If you want to save money, another thing you can do is form your LLC in another state. The filing fees are different from state to state, so you could form your LLC in a state with cheaper filing fees. For instance, if it costs $40 to file in Louisiana and $700 in New York, you can save a lot of cash by filing in Louisiana.

However, you need to also consider that the lower fees may not necessarily cover all costs associated with LLC formation. If your business will mostly be done in your local area with your clientele in your state, you will need to get the foreign qualification within your state.

The extra fees and paperwork could override the benefits of this option. It is also possible that there are going to be some additional taxation issues to deal with when you set up in another state.

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