What's the best business to start in Arkansas? Naturally beautiful, offering a business-friendly regulatory environment, and a wide assortment of recreational and cultural development opportunities, Arkansas is a prime location for a variety of business types.

CNBC has favorably ranked Arkansas in many areas associated with starting a business, including:

  • 2nd lowest in costs associated with starting a business
  • 11th most educated and best workforce
  • 20th for conducting business

Start-up Opportunities in Arkansas

Food Processing - The agricultural industry is one of Arkansas's largest employers, making a food processing business something to consider. With raw materials such as cotton, milk, rice, and pork being close by, your transportation costs would be minimal if you have the initial start-up capital for this type of business.

Poultry Farming - A thriving business you can easily start in Arkansas is poultry farming, due to being close to all raw materials needed to successfully operate your endeavor. Its climate is conducive to the poultry farming industry, and is well-known for the eggs and poultry products it already exports throughout the United States.

Agriculture Plantations - With favorable weather and fertile soil, agricultural plantations continue to be a rewarding and cost-effective business option in Arkansas. With a variety of produce options to choose from, including farming, rice, milk production and cattle rearing, and fish ponds there is something for every budget.

Other Business Opportunities

Printing Press - With a culture rich in literature and potential clients such as schools, religious centers, and business offices, another thriving business opportunity in Arkansas is opening a printing press. While there are many competitors, strong marketing skills can help you succeed in this area.

Daycare Provider - A love of children, required licensure, a safe and ideal building, and completing all necessary registrations can have you opening a daycare service in Arkansas in no time.

Hair Salon - With extremely low start-up costs, opening a hair salon in Arkansas is a notable option. Whether you personally provide the service or hire stylists to work in your salon, the opportunity for high returns on your investment is good. Secure a prime location and you may need very little in advertising dollars to draw people into your business.

Car Wash - Anyone that owns a car most likely washes their car, making this business an ideal endeavor you can take with a small amount of start-up capital. Location is definitely key as you will want to ensure your location is near highly traveled roads so customers can find you easily.

Healthcare Consultant - Maintaining good overall health is a concern for many individuals. With diabetes being predicted to affect one out of every seven individuals by the year 2025, people are anxious and willing to learn how to improve and stay healthy. With increasing health concerns, a healthcare consulting business allows you to provide health-related services while earning an income. Being accredited with necessary organizations and registered with the state is necessary before starting this type of business.

Tech-Based Businesses

Smartphone Repair - Most people would rather fix their current cell phone than purchase a new one altogether due to the lower cost associated with repairs. If you have the skill for this type of business, the start-up cost is very minimal in a state such as Arkansas.

Computer Training - With the digital world of today, a business providing computer training is an easy way to earn a lucrative income. If you are skilled in the area of technology, you can share this knowledge with students or even employees of various business organizations. With so many different apps and software available to streamline daily activities, there is always a need for training. With only a laptop and reliable internet service needed to realistically start this type of business, this venture requires very little, if any, start-up money.

Blog Writer - A fun and exciting way to earn an income, blogging can be the perfect opportunity for those with a knack for writing. Choosing a niche you are interested in results in never running out of blog topics, increased blog traffic, and ultimately generating income for you.

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