Everyone knows that agreements in the business world start with a contract. But before jumping into a signed agreement, a request for a contract, or a request for service, is typically a written document between parties called an offer letter. An offer letter is an informal agreement between two parties that outlines the expectations for a potential proposal. This letter is a crucial step in negotiation because it serves as a platform of communication, and an agreement between two parties.

Hiring an experienced attorney to write up a contract's offer letter is important. It is advised to look for lawyers or firms that are experienced in your particular area of expertise, and when it comes to engaging a business lawyer in Los Angeles, you should try to find one that understands California legal regulations. This guide on getting started with an offer letter is written for executives and business leaders who need to find the right legal counsel in Los Angeles to protect their organizations and succeed in negotiating their business offers.

What Is an Offer Letter?

An offer letter is an informal document which can also be called a proposal or a business offer. It is a short agreement between two parties outlining the expectation of a deal. In comparison to a contract, an offer letter is meant to be much briefer and contains the main points of the agreement. Usually, an offer letter leads to the signing of a more elaborate contract.

Depending on the agreement, an offer letter can include detailed information about the agreement, such as financial arrangements, deliverables, deadlines, applicable terms and conditions, a list of services, and any other relevant information to that specific engagement. Furthermore, the offer letter has details about the two parties, such as the parties’ names, contact information, and the date of proposal, all which serve as an acknowledgment and proof of agreement between the two parties.

When Should You Use an Offer Letter From a Business Lawyer?

Your first step in the negotiation process should be writing an offer letter with the help of a business lawyer to cover all of the legal responsibilities, such as the responsible parties, and the terms and conditions of the agreement stipulated.

You should use an offer letter when entering into a business-oriented agreement. This could be anything from agreements between a customer and a vendor, or a landlord and tenant, or an employer and an employee.

For the successful completion of a complex deal or agreement, an offer letter should be properly drafted and signed by both parties involved to avoid any misconception and misunderstanding regarding the terms of the agreement. Although most offers sent have a lot of grey areas and unclear jargon, a detailed offer letter clearly states the parties’ responsibilities so there is no room for imprecise expectations.

As an offer letter serves as a proof of agreement, it also helps protect the interests and rights of the parties involved, and includes all matters related to the agreement. An offer letter should include the essential information, such as the scope of the agreement, the agreed terms, and the date of acceptance.

What To Include In an Offer Letter

When seeking assistance for an offer letter, it is necessary to provide all the details and information required for the letter. An offer letter should contain the full name and contact information of each individual involved, the names involved in the agreement such as (e.g. buyers, vendors, etc.) and the total amount or the value of the agreement.

Include the following elements in your offer letter:

The name of each party, the address, and contact details.

The agreement’s scope, the service to be performed, or the item to be sold.

How will the payment be made, such as the amount, payment terms, and payment method.

The expiration date for the agreement, usually when the offer letter should be accepted or rejected.

Signatures of both parties with the date of acceptance or rejection.

How to Find Local Business Lawyer in Los Angeles

Finding the right lawyer to help you draft an offer letter is crucial. A lawyer should be reliable, experienced, and knowledgeable about local laws and regulations regarding the agreement.

The most secure way to find a good lawyer is to contact a prominent law firm or legal counsel and request their services. However, if you are on a tight budget and need legal help for just one-time consultation or a business contract, then you should consider engaging a lawyer from online legal services’ platform, such as UpCounsel.

UpCounsel is a website that connects businesses and individuals with experienced business lawyers. Business lawyers at UpCounsel have an average of 14 years of legal experience and can provide guidance and advice about the legal compliance of your agreement.

The website offers online profiles with client ratings, so you can find the right at first. UpCounsel also provides cost-effective solutions when it comes to legal services, as you don’t have to hire a whole department of lawyers when a one-time consultation is sufficient.

Final thoughts

Writing an offer letter is a necessary first step in negotiating a business offer. However, it is highly recommended to engage an experienced business lawyer in the process. When looking for an experienced business lawyer based in Los Angeles, UpCounsel is a good option to get legal help online. The website offers online lawyers with a wide range of experience and provides cost-effective solutions for businesses.


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