In today’s complex business climate, having access to legally sound representation is essential for success. While many businesses in the United States opt to retain local counsel for their legal matters, this isn’t always the best choice. Increasingly, businesses across the country are discovering that finding the right legal counsel involves a broader search that can yield surprising results.

For executives and businesses in the New York area, UpCounsel’s skilled legal counsel could offer an advantage when it comes to choosing an attorney to serve as a legal ally. UpCounsel is a valuable, often-overlooked option for businesses in need of professional legal counsel. It is a specialized network of expert lawyers with backgrounds across many diverse legal fields. These lawyers have an average of fourteen years of experience representing businesses of various sizes.

UpCounsel is a resource that offers businesses in New York access to a vast network of well-qualified legal professionals from across the country. The company's online profiles detail the experience and qualifications of each attorney supported by the platform. These in-depth profiles also allow companies to review clients' ratings and reviews of attorneys they’ve worked with, allowing them to make more informed decisions when engaging a lawyer.

Using UpCounsel, businesses in the New York area have access to high quality attorneys from across the United States. This kind of nationwide access could be particularly beneficial for companies looking for specialized counsel — perhaps a legal team with a wealth of industry-specific expertise or a network of attorneys well versed in a specialized area of the law. UpCounsel has exceptional attorneys in all legal fields, from real estate to intellectual property law.

If your business needs just one-time counsel or an entire freelance legal department, UpCounsel has the necessary legal services. From small businesses to large corporations, UpCounsel’s comprehensive expertise makes them an indispensable player in the legal field. Companies that may have previously overlooked UpCounsel as a valuable legal resource may find what they’re looking for among the platform’s experienced lawyers.

UpCounsel's network of experienced lawyers offers quality legal services for businesses of all sizes, and its online profiles and transparent reviews provide companies with a roadmap to ensure they find the attorney best suited to their specific needs. With such an expansive network of qualified attorneys, New York businesses are sure to find a solution to their legal needs with UpCounsel.



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