Are you a Dallas business interested in hiring models for photo shoots or video recordings? If so, understanding model release forms and other related contracting issues is essential to protecting yourself from legal liability. Whether you are utilizing models to represent your business or product, or you are hiring them to be photographed in a certain setting, understanding the purpose of model release forms and the value they provide can help you avoid financial and legal liability down the road. To help navigate the legal implications of utilizing a model for commercial use, we’ve provided some key insights as well as advice on how you can find experienced and reliable legal counsel in Dallas.

Model release forms are contracts that provide legal protection for both a model and an employer. As a business in the Dallas area, you need to make sure you understand the value these documents provide before you enter any agreement with a model, and you also need to make sure you consult with qualified legal professionals. This ensures that you are adequately protected from any potential legal ramifications associated with the use of a model in any of your photographs, recordings, or other marketing materials.

When it comes to model release forms, there is a lot you need to consider. This article will provide a brief overview of the purpose of model release forms, examples of clauses they might include, and a few tips on how to find reliable legal counsel for advice on model release forms in the Dallas area.

What is the Purpose of Model Release Forms?

Model release forms are used to protect employers from any potential legal claims by the model due to any explicit or implicit promises made during the hiring process. In certain types of shoots or recordings, these contracts can contain explicit agreements between the model and employer. For example, the model might agree to certain compensation rates for certain for each identified form and usage of the recordings or photographs.

Model release forms also protect models from unwanted usage of their photographs, recordings, or other marketing materials. These contracts outline which third-party usage or posting of the photographs or recordings is or is not permitted. Both parties must agree to the terms of the usage of the material before entering into any agreement.

Core Clauses of Model Release Forms

Model release forms commonly contain four core clauses -- Authorization, Payment, Location, and Use.


The authorization section is the crux of the model release agreements, and bond both the model and the employer together. This section ensures that both parties agree to each other’s permissions of usage. The person being photographed or recorded may agree to certain content usage or postings that she/he finds appropriate. The agreement may also contain a clause that identifies training or preparation that may need to be completed before the photography or recordings is executed.


The payment clause provides clarity on compensation and other payment arrangements between the model and the employer. This clause provides an understanding of any various monetary compensation that may change over time, and it should also provide a timeline of when payment is due and when the model is expected to receive it.


The location clause identifies where shooting or other recording the model is authorized to be used. This clause also outlines any third-party locations where the recordings may be utilized. Special rules or regulations on usage in certain locations may be mandated as a part of the agreement.


The use clause outlines the types of promotions or other types of distribution channels where recordings of the model may be utilized. This clause includes the rights of both parties, and language that addresses any limitation or restrictions of posting any recordings featuring the model.

Finding Qualified Dallas Legal Counsel

Making sure you are informed about model release forms and legal protection for utilizing models is essential before entering any agreement with a model. Understanding the legal implications of any contract you enter into with a model is essential, and it offers protection from potential legal liabilities or additional costs in the future. To make sure you are adequately represented, it is best to seek out experienced legal counsel in Dallas.

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Finding qualified legal counsel is essential for Dallas companies that are looking to hire models and utilize model release forms. Armed with a better understanding of the purpose of model release forms as well as the various sections they can contain, businesses can seek out skilled legal counsel for advice on model release forms. UpCounsel can provide you with reliable legal counsel in Dallas that can answer any questions you might have and help you draft a model release agreement that is suited to your specific needs.


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