From small business owners to the Fortune 1000, establishing an LLC in Georgia requires detailed legal consideration. Choosing an LLC attorney in Georgia is an important decision that can affect the success of your business. Before selecting a lawyer, you need to understand the different types of attorneys available, their associated fees, and the services they can provide.

Whether you're establishing a new LLC from scratch or refining an existing structure, UpCounsel's experienced lawyers can help you every step of the way. With a network of skilled legal professionals, UpCounsel can provide the know-how you need to establish a successful and enduring business.

Types of Attorneys Available for LLC Formation in Georgia

One of the first things to consider when selecting an LLC attorney in Georgia is the type of lawyer you need. Generally, there are two types of attorneys for LLC formation: transactional attorneys and litigators.

Transactional Attorneys

Transactional lawyers typically handle all of the legal work associated with business formation, such as drafting documents, filing paperwork, and managing tax planning processes. If you plan to establish a complex LLC structure, they can also assist with business planning and asset management.


Unlike transactional attorneys, litigators handle legal disputes such as contract disputes, employee disputes, and property damages. Therefore, you should keep a litigator on retainer in case a legal dispute arises. If you do not need extensive litigation services, opt for an attorney who only handles transactional issues.

Associated Fees of an LLC Attorney in Georgia

Another key factor to consider when choosing an LLC attorney is the associated legal fees. Generally, attorneys charge an hourly rate for their services, but some lawyers may offer flat fees for certain services. Additionally, many attorneys require an initial consultation fee before providing services.

When interviewing potential attorneys, inquire about their billing practices and the cost of their services. To keep legal fees within your budget, clearly define the services you need and try to select an attorney who can offer a flat fee.

Services an LLC Attorney Can Offer

When establishing an LLC in Georgia, an experienced attorney can offer a variety of services such as forming the legal entity, filing paperwork, and drafting agreements. Additionally, they can provide ongoing support to ensure that your business remains compliant with local, state, and federal regulations.

Formation of Entity

Forming an LLC in Georgia is a complex process that requires you to complete various types of paperwork. A skilled attorney can file all the necessary documents to officially create your business.

Ongoing Compliance

After forming your LLC, your attorney can help you remain compliant with relevant regulations. Every state's LLC regulations are different, and an experienced attorney can assist you in satisfying all requirements.

Drafting Agreements and Contracts

LLC attorneys can help you draw up contracts and agreements for various matters, such as submitting an offer letter to potential employees or negotiating leases with your landlord.

The Benefits of an Experienced LLC Attorney in Georgia

Having a skilled lawyer on your side is invaluable when establishing a business in Georgia. An experienced attorney can provide legal representation when defending a lawsuit or negotiating with creditors. Additionally, they can protect your business in a variety of ways, such as limiting the liability of its members by drafting legally binding documents. Furthermore, they can provide invaluable advice and support when making important business decisions.

When selecting an LLC attorney, make sure to do your research and find one that meets your needs and budget. With UpCounsel's experienced network of lawyers, you can rest assured that you are in good hands while building your business in Georgia.


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