The term "quitclaim deed" is an oft-used phrase amongst the real estate market. It is also quite popular among business lawyers in Dallas, Texas, due to the need to transfer interest in real estate quickly. This article will discuss the details of quit claim deeds and when it is most beneficial to utilize one.

What is a Quit Claim Deed?

A quit claim deed is a legal document that transfers property from one individual to another quickly and easily. The law provides that when one party conveys a deed to another, that party takes it with whatever rights he may have in whatever parcels have been mentioned in the deed. In other words, the party receiving the deed takes no further interest in the property or parcels except that which was conveyed in the deed itself.

When is a Quit Claim Deed Used?

A quit claim deed is used instead of a warranty deed when the seller is uncertain of their title to the property, or when the sale is intended to be made without warranties. Because the seller issues no warranties of title in a quit claim deed, the burden of investigating title lies completely with the buyer.

It is also typical for a quit claim deed to be the choice for transferring property when the new owner is someone in the immediate family or someone married to the owner. This is used when a married couple buy a home as tenants by the entirety, and one party dies, the surviving party may execute a quit claim deed to transfer the interest in the property to the surviving party.

What are the Benefits of Quit Claim Deeds?

Quit claim deeds are commonly used because they provide a quick and easy way of transferring property. They are relatively cheap and can be prepared quickly, as they don't need to include an extensive review of title like a warranty deed.

Quit claim deeds are also beneficial for those transferring property to a close family member or partner. In Texas, these laws are more favorable to those transferring property as they don't have to worry about the other party's liability for title defects, encumbrances, or liens.

What are the Risks of Quit Claim Deeds?

Quit claim deeds carry an inherent risk because the buyer has no way to confirm any valid ownership interest the seller may have in the property. Because the seller is making no warranties, the buyer must conduct their own research and investigate the title in order to be sure of the validity of the title they are receiving.

Also, if the property conveyed includes mortgages, liens, or encumbrances, then the purchaser will be responsible for them. The purchaser is also generally responsible for future taxes, as well as the costs of curing defective title.

When is it Best to Seek Legal Counsel About a Quit Claim Deed in Dallas?

It is best to speak with a legal professional in Dallas before executing any quit claim deed. Utilizing a legal professional experienced in business law in Dallas can ensure that rights and responsibilities are clearly identified, that all disclaimers and representations are accurate, and that you are fully aware of any risks associated with the quit claim deed.

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