An affidavit is a sworn statement that is made in writing under oath. It is sometimes referred to as a “signed declaration” and is legally enforceable in a court of law. In Chicago, affidavits are commonly used in business law to provide evidence in support of a claim.

An affidavit can be used as evidence in court proceedings, or as part of an agreement between two people, such as in a business transaction. In order for an affidavit to be accepted as evidence in a court of law, all information added to the statement must be true to the best understanding of the signer. It must also be verified by a notary public.

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In Chicago, affidavits are typically used in a variety of business matters such as real estate dealings, contracts, and other legal documents. An affidavit must be written as a statement of facts, with each fact being true and correct to the best of the signer’s knowledge. All facts presented in the affidavit must be supported by evidence, such as documents, photographs, or witness statements. Besides the statement of facts, an affidavit must also contain an “Attestation Clause”. This clause must be verified by a notary public or other legal witness to give it official, legal weight.

Affidavits are a powerful legal tool. In a court of law, they are used as evidence that is much like that of testimony from a witness during a trial. In a business transaction, they serve as protective support for a claim.

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