When creating a business or product, entrepreneurs, small business owners, or massive corporations know the need to protect their brand. While there are generally two types of intellectual property protections - registered marks and unregistered marks - understanding the differences between the two will help you understand the local regulations surrounding registered marks in Dallas.

A registered mark is a sign (words, names, symbols, or combinations of these) that identifies and protects the product or services owned and/or provided by a business. In Dallas, to be eligible for a registered mark, your product or service must be either made in Dallas, sold in Dallas or have specific use in Dallas. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is the primary authority of registered marks in the United States. If approved, your product or service or business name is legally protected under USPTO.

To protect a brand from intellectual property infringement, businesses need to register their marks with the USPTO. In Dallas, registering a trademark for a business is also a must. However, the trademark registration process in Dallas is a complex and tedious one, and it’s important for business owners to understand the rules and regulations of trademark registration before submitting their application.

The first step in the trademark registration process in Dallas is to search the USPTO trademark database. This database will help protect against entangled efforts from other parties launching similar names and products. Once the name, phrase, logo, or design of your product or service is registered with the USPTO, you’ll have a legally recognized trademark right that grants you exclusive rights to your product or service and brand.

It’s important to note that registering a mark with the USPTO only grants you legal protection within the United States. However, brands may apply for an international trademark if they plan to do business outside of America. Applying for an international mark can be expensive and time-consuming, but it is worth the effort if the company plans to expand abroad.

In Dallas, local attorneys may also advise which documentation must be acquired before registering a trademark. Hiring an experienced local lawyer can help business owners carefully navigate the legal process to ensure their trademark protection. Even if your trademark is granted by the USPTO, there is still a risk of infringement. That’s why legal counsel is recommended when it comes to rewriting contracts, prepares, and addressing potential cases of trademark infringement, or providing advice on how to protect your trademark against competitors.

In order to avoid infringing on the rights of another business, or being accused of trademark infringement yourself, it’s important to hire a knowledgeable attorney who is versed in the laws surrounding trademark and copyright in Dallas. By doing so, business owners can protect their innovative ideas, products, and services and ensure their brand continues to thrive.


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