When it comes to running a business, there is no single magic formula that contributes to success. Yet, for business owners across Chicago, strategic asset allocation and comprehensive planning are critical pieces of a winning formula. One of the most important steps to consider is developing a clear, legal operating agreement between two or more different parties, known as an operating agreement template. This document provides a comprehensive roadmap for individuals involved in the business, and allows owners to develop effective conditions for their partnership or LLC.

What Is an Operating Agreement Template?

An operating agreement template is a document that outlines the details of a business organization, such as its management structure, ownership, profits, and losses. This provides a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and expectations for each of the parties involved in the business alliance. The specifics of each agreement will vary depending on the type of business, as well as the legal landscape that exists in the state that the business was formed.

By providing this document, business owners are better equipped to maintain control over the conditions of their business operations, as well as provide a more seamless way to resolve any potential conflicts that may arise. Developing an operating agreement can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the legal jargon associated with business matters. Fortunately, UpCounsel can provide businesses in the Chicago area with access to experienced attorneys who understand the nuances of local regulations.

Chicago business owners benefit from having competent attorneys at their side. Qualified business lawyers can help business owners to develop a comprehensive agreement tailored towards their specific operations. In addition, these lawyers can provide professional counsel surrounding other legal matters, such as developing a tax strategy, creating a roadmap for litigation, and providing business advisor throughout the entirety of operations.

Components of an Operating Agreement Template

Depending on the type of business, the content of an operating agreement template can vary considerably. At a minimum, the agreement should include the following sections:


An operating agreement should outline who has responsibility for managing the affairs of the business. This typically includes designating officers for the business, as well as the authority that exists for those officers. It's also important to note the amount of voting power that each member holds in regards to making decisions for the business.

Membership Interests

In the agreement, it's important to clearly define and outline how the business is owned and managed. This should cover intellectual property rights, voting rights, and property distribution among business members.

Liability and Debt Control

The agreement should also outline how much financial risk and liability the members are willing to accept. This helps to mitigate the amount of financial risk that individuals are responsible for in the event of a financial loss or termination of the business.

Financial Contributions & Distributions

An operating agreement should clearly outline the financial responsibilities of each business partner. This includes the capital contributions that each partner will make, the profits and losses that will be distributed among the parties, and the management of additional funds, such as wages and overhead expenses.

Procedure For Upper Management Changes

It's important to include the step-by-step procedure that should be followed for any changes to the upper-management of the business. This should include the conditions for potential new members, the conditions for retiring or dismissed members, and the voting procedures necessary to make a decision.

Dispute Resolution

The operating agreement should provide a detailed roadmap for how any disputes should be resolved. This should include the specific arbiter that will handle the dispute, and other important clauses such as confidentiality, reimbursement of expenses, and referral to outside authorities.

The Benefits Of Working With A Business Lawyer For An Operating Agreement Template

Working with a qualified business lawyer is the best way to ensure that your operating agreement will be legally valid and enforceable. Experienced lawyers will be familiar with the local regulations in your jurisdiction, and provide the guidance and advice necessary to draft an agreement that is tailored towards the specific needs of your business.

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