Intellectual property (IP) rights protect the creations and ideas of innovators, protecting their original works from unauthorized usage. Working out the intricate legalities of intellectual property can be overwhelming and confusing without proper legal guidance. It’s important to hire counsel to ensure your intellectual property is properly protected and no infringement takes place. If you’re a business executive or individual based in Chicago, you may have to adhere to local state regulations concerning Intellectual Property (IP). For business owners, the fields of trademark, copyright, and patent will play an important role in the protection of IP, as well as help to establish distinction between brands or products within the current marketplace.

Why is Intellectual Property Important?

Intellectual property is critical in protecting the original creative works of an individual or its business, securing authorship recognition, and ensuring unauthorized usage and imitation doesn’t take place. Generally, IP legislation offers exclusive rights to creators of original works, including novels, movies, paintings, compositions, and inventions. Therefore, it is essential for protecting the innovation and creativity of creators, while preventing unauthorized usage or duplication.

What Constitutes as an Intellectual Property?

IP may refer to various forms of work, including trademarks, patents, trade dress, domain names, copyrights, and trade secrets. IP resources will enable the owner to secure pricing control and increased profitability, while promoting future innovation.


Trademarks are generally used for goods or products as a signature of initial origin and quality control, and can also be used to describe services. The uniqueness of a trademark will help customers to differentiate between competitors. A trademark prevents the marketing of imitations and enables the trademark holder to secure greater financial reward for their innovation.


Copyright is generally used for creative works such as novels, scripts, books, literary works, software, and other published works. Copyright is secured as soon as the work is created and gives the owner the exclusive right to the original works for a set time period.


A patent is used to protect the original idea or invention and generally consists of two types - utility or design patents. Utility patents protect the actor inventions, whereas the design patent protects detailed features such as the design, shape, and structure.

Trade Dress

Trade dress is a type of IP that protects the product attributes surrounding a good or service. Generally, it refers to various packaging styles, size, design, and other features of the product that will attribute to a page in the customer’s mind. Trade dress is generally used to protect company logo, labeling, and packaging, as well as trade clothing lines and restaurants.

Domain Names

Domain names are generally used to protect website address titles, for example “”. Generally registered through domain registrars, websites won’t be able to have a Domain Name, and be verified by the Domain Name System, unless it is registered with the domain registrar.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets generally refer to information, products, or processes, which are kept hidden form unauthorized usage or knowledge. Generally, trade secrets are kept confidential and won’t be exposed in the marketplace, remaining exclusive to the owner.

What are the Benefits of IP Rights?

IP will allow the creator or IP owner to benefit financially from their works or innovation. A comprehensive IP strategy will provide unparalleled protection and financial benefit to the IP owner. IP rights will provide creators with exclusive rights to their creativity, works, innovation, and symbols. Generally, IP enforcement strategies will prevent misinformation and provide the IP owner with the exclusive right to financial gain.

Regulations and Lawsuits in Chicago

Companies and creators based in Chicago should consider local regulations in the area in their IP strategies and implementation. Generally, creative works and inventions are protected by the federal act, however the patent and trademark offices may have their own guidelines and requirements. Therefore, if you have an IP dispute, you’ll want to hire a local counsel to take into account local regulations and stipulations. Lawsuits including IP rights, trade dress trademarks, copyright infringement, trade secrets, and patent infringement have occurred throughout the greater Chicago metropolitan area and many involved cases have witnessed massive damages and financial charges.

How to Secure a Legal Counsel

When you’re aiming to take action against copyright infringement, patent infringement, or a trademark dispute, you should find experienced counsel that is well aware of local regulations in Chicago. Finding a qualified business lawyer can help you not only to reduce the intimidating prospect of litigation, but to ensure the maintenance of your IP protection. UpCounsel provides comprehensive resources for business owners seeking help in the case of IP disputes, and are equipped with a network of experienced lawyers from across the US. Whether you need freelance legal counsel, or just a one-time consultation, UpCounsel’s large number of lawyer profiles provide helpful client ratings and reviews of past works. Ultimately, UpCounsel provides legal counsel to executives and businesses of all sizes, aiming to benefit the professional growth of your enterprise and protect intellectual property.


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