No matter the size or type of business, having an understanding of local bylaws is essential for compliance – and for the safety of executives and employees alike. As a major city in the United States, Dallas has many regional regulations that are best navigated with local legal counsel from an experienced business attorney. Whether you need an attorney for a one-time consult or an entire legal department, UpCounsel’s online network of experienced lawyers is there to help.

Before you hire a Dallas business attorney, it’s beneficial to understand what bylaws are and the many regulations and laws they encompass. Understanding bylaws is an important part of running a business – and your business attorney should have the know-how to both help you understand them and make sure your business complies.

What Are Bylaws?

Bylaws (also referred to as ordinances) are sets of laws governing the activities of a local city or town. Bylaws are made up of municipal regulations created to enhance the general welfare, safety, and comfort of city and town people. Bylaws include guidelines, regulations, and restrictions for specific activities in a city or town.

Bylaws are created by cities and towns with elected representative governments. Local governments typically assign government officials such as mayors, councils, or a board of trustees to create and pass bylaws. However, state government has the authority to pass municipal laws and define a framework for a local government.

Types of Local Bylaws in Dallas

In Dallas, bylaws are broken down into two main categories: general bylaws and special bylaws.

General bylaws are public regulations that apply to everyone, such as speeding and parking. Special bylaws are private regulations that are specific to certain areas, such as property owners associations or businesses.

General bylaws in Dallas include restrictions, regulations, and procedures for:

Public safety.


Noise control.


Animal control.

Traffic control.

Protection of the environment.

Liability laws.

Licensing of businesses.

Special bylaws in Dallas include those related to:

Land development and use.

General business operations.

Employee and customer relations.

Fair housing.

Property owners’ associations.

Commercial industry.

Why It's Important to Have an Understanding of Bylaws in Dallas

It’s important for a business operating in Dallas to have a thorough understanding of local bylaws in order to remain compliant. Non-compliance can result in fines, civil litigation, and in some cases, criminal prosecution.

Bylaw compliance also helps ensure the safety of executives and employees. For instance, noise control bylaws regulate the amount of noise a business can make. Similarly, zoning bylaws govern where businesses can and cannot operate.

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