As the thriving business hub of the Midwestern United States, Chicago’s entrepreneurs face an increasingly complex legal landscape. Those looking to do business in Chicago, or beyond, must understand the important of copyright searches and how to ensure they remain compliant with local regulations. Whether you’re starting a small business in the Windy City, or taking an idea to a global market, these legal considerations are of paramount importance, and can make or break an endeavor.

Before looking to scale a business or product, standard practice dictates that a copyright search is conducted to ensure the concept has not been copyrighted by a third party. This search should encompass any and all aspects of the product, from its name, to its logo, and any potential trademarks or other proprietary components should be uncovered before a business launches. Doing so can spare entrepreneurs from costly and time-consuming legal battles down the line that may prevent them from obtaining their desired return on investment.

When conducting a copyright search in Chicago specifically, the underlying laws that govern copyrights at a federal and local level must be taken into account. For some basic concepts, such as name and logo protection, the information can be located relatively easily. Many aspects of this process can be accomplished with minimal legal help, and it’s important to acquire this information regardless of the size of the business.

For more complex business components, it may be beneficial to hire local counsel to ensure the search is conducted thoroughly. An experienced business attorney with the local jurisdiction’s knowledge can quickly uncover previously protected ideas that were not visible on the surface. Furthermore, such a professional can explain to entrepreneurs the more nuanced implications of copyrighting certain aspects of a business, or how to obtain legal protection for elements of the product not subject to traditional copyright law.

In most cases, copyright protection is indefinite until the concept is sold or transferred to another party. This leads to the concept of “license” which includes the ability to transfer or grant permission to use a protected concept temporarily. Understanding and utilizing the concept of a license is paramount in any effort to commercialize a product, or launch a business. Consulting with an attorney who can shepherd an entrepreneur through this process will often provide the most comprehensive protection of their ideas.

Much as with any other form of startup, entrepreneurs looking to enter the Chicago market should familiarize themselves with the applicable local laws regarding copyrighting their product. This is particularly important in Chicago, which has laws specific to copyrights and patents that could potentially differ substantially from the standard federal regulations. Experienced, local business attorneys will be able to guide entrepreneurs through this for even the most complex products.

In order to shield any fledgling business from potential legal entanglements, prudent entrepreneurs should familiarize themselves with the applicable copyright search regulations in Chicago, and in the federal marketplace. Once they have established a basic legal framework for the business, they should consider engaging experienced local counsel to assist with any legal matters as they arise. Doing so should provide entrepreneurs the necessary security to venture forward with their ideas with confidence.


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