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A contract for deed, also called a land contract or deed of trust, is a written agreement between the buyer and seller. Under this contract, the purchase of a property is financed by the buyer and paid for in regular payments to the seller. The buyer obtains title to the property once all of the terms of the contract have been satisfied. A contract for deed is a fairly common legal document and is often used in real estate transactions.

In Dallas, contracts for deed involve strict laws and regulations. Texas has specific laws governing contract for deed, and it is essential to have an experienced attorney who understands these laws and can provide quality representation even in the most complex of cases. An experienced attorney can help buyers, sellers, lenders, and developers negotiate, draft, and review contract for deed issues in accordance with the laws and regulations.

When negotiating a contract for deed in Dallas, buyers and sellers should be aware of the specific terms that are outlined in the contract. These terms include purchase price, down payment requirements, financing terms, and payment amounts. Buyers must also consider the taxes that are associated with a contract for deed. These taxes can include Texas Real Estate Transfer Tax, Real Estate Documentary Tax, Mortgage or Deed of Trust Tax, Metro Tax, and Texas Sales Tax.

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