What is a balloon payment? A balloon payment is a large, lump-sum payment made at the end of a long-term loan or other financial arrangement. Balloon payments are most commonly found in mortgages, but may be attached to auto and personal loans as well. In the case of a mortgage, a balloon payment is often the final payment made to fully repay the loan.

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In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about balloon payments and discuss why they may or may not be beneficial for homeowners in Los Angeles.

What is a balloon payment mortgage?

A balloon payment mortgage is a mortgage that does not fully amortize over the life of the loan, resulting in a balance at the end of the term. This remaining balance is often referred to as the balloon payment. Though not as common as traditional mortgages which are paid off over 30 years, balloon mortgages can be useful tools for homeowners looking to pay off their loan in a shorter time frame.

Are balloon payments a good idea?

Whether or not a balloon payment is a good idea will depend on the homeowner’s needs and financial situation. On one hand, balloon payments can allow for a shorter repayment period, resulting in a lower overall cost of the loan; however, they can also result in a much larger final payment, making them a riskier option for those who do not have enough savings to cover the final payment.

How do I calculate a balloon payment?

To calculate the amount of a balloon payment, the amount of the loan must first be determined. This amount will then depend on the interest rate, the loan length, and the payments made. Once this is determined, the remaining balance at the end of the term is the balloon payment amount.

What are the advantages of a balloon payment?

The main advantage of a balloon payment is that it can lower the overall cost of the loan over its life, allowing for a shorter repayment period. This can be especially helpful for those with limited budgets, as well as those looking to pay off their loan more quickly.

What are the disadvantages of a balloon payment?

The primary disadvantage of a balloon payment is that it can result in a much larger one-time payment, which can be difficult to manage without sufficient savings. Moreover, many homeowners may not be aware of the larger payment due at the end of the loan, making it easy to underestimate the amount of money needed to pay off the loan.


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