Executives in the Dallas area who are in the process of forming a corporation need to understand the basics of article of incorporation. The article of incorporation is a document that legally establishes a company as a corporation and sets it up in the eyes of the law. When completed correctly, the article of incorporation is the official documentation that officially establishes a corporation. What follows is an overview of the article of incorporation, its importance and how one can effectively create the document in Dallas.

Chapter 1: What is an Article of Incorporation?

An article of incorporation is a document or legal instrument that formally creates a corporation in the eyes of the law. It is also referred to as a certificate of incorporation or a corporate charter. An article of incorporation is filed with the necessary government agency at the state or federal level to be legally effective. The document lays out the basic parameters of the corporation, including the structure, name, address, and purpose that will distinguish it from other businesses. This document also stipulates the corporation's capital structure, rights of shareholders, and voting methods. The article of incorporation also lays out the responsibilities of the corporate officers.

Chapter 2: Why is an Article of Incorporation Important?

An article of incorporation is the document that legally establishes a company as a corporation. It is a crucial document for a startup to have as it not only legally establishes the corporation, it also itemizes the type of business that the corporation intends to conduct. This documentation is used to create a unique legal profile that protects the company from litigation, protects shareholders from liability, and allows the corporation to transition to other forms of ownership.

The document also has implications for taxation. Corporations file taxes differently, and by filing an article of incorporation, the business can take advantage of certain tax benefits. Additionally, having filed the document correctly can later be a big help for investors; the article of incorporation discloses all pertinent information that potential investors need to make informed decisions about the corporation.

Chapter 3: How to Complete an Article of Incorporation in Dallas

Texas has established clear instructions for how to file an article of incorporation in the Dallas area. First and foremost, the article of incorporation must be titled "The Companies Act" and it must bear the name of the corporation. The document also must include the date of incorporation, the corporation's purpose, and the names and addresses of the company's directors. Furthermore, the document must detail the number of shares that will be issued, as well as the figure for the total value of the corporation's capital.

In Texas, the article of incorporation must be accompanied by an information form and a filing fee, which is currently $300. That can be paid online or by check. If the document is properly completed, the State Department of Corporations will accept it and issue a certificate of formation, which makes the organization official.

Closing ideas

The article of incorporation is essential to the formation of any corporation. By understanding the document, the importance of it, and the steps needed to create a valid article of incorporation, a business executive in Dallas can effectively create this document. With the right counsel and appropriate steps taken, a business executive can complete this document and move on to the next steps in the corporate formation process.


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